Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane donated medical equipment to support the efforts of health authorities in Algeria to combat the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

Zidan provided medical equipment through his charitable organization, and directed it to the province of Bejaia, east of Algeria, the birthplace of his parents.

The media unit of the Bejaia state stated in a statement that the Zaidan Charitable Foundation provided five recovery groups, including artificial respirators, screens and injection pumps, for the benefit of health institutions in the region.

The statement indicated that the governor (governor) of Bejaia spoke by phone to Ismail Zaidan, the father of Real Madrid coach responsible for managing his charitable organization, and expressed his great gratitude to this initiative, and thanked him for this contribution, which he described as generous.

Zine El Din Zidan - who was born in 1972 in the French city of Marseille - is the son of an Algerian family who hail from Bejaia, and immigrated decades ago to France.

It is reported that the Algerian Ministry of Health recorded 235 deaths out of 1666 confirmed cases of the Corona epidemic.