All Swedish seasons: 91.
SM Gold: 12.
Location 2019: 4.
Coach: Rikard Norling (since May 2016).

In: Jakob Haugaard, etc., clubless, Adam Ben Lamin, b, View (closed loan), Eric Kahl, b, promoted from U-team, Erick Otieno, b, Vasalund, Jasir Asani, mf, Partizani (loan for summer) , Ebenezer Ofori, mf, Stuttgart, Tom Strannegård, mf, promoted from U-team, Stefan Silva, b, Karagümrük (closed loan), Paulos Abraham, b, Brommapojkarna.

Out: Samuel Brolin, etc., Acropolis (loan all season), Oscar Linnér, etc., Arminia Bielefeld, Jesper Nyholm, b, club not ready, Christos Gravius, mf, Degerfors, Anton Salétros, mf, Rostov (closed loan), Tarik Elyounoussi, b, Shonan Bellmare, Chinedu Obasi, b, club not ready, Nicolás Stefanelli, b, Unión La Calera.

Comment: After last year's AIK measure measured failure, "Gnagets" management has been clear that a new gaming system should be worn during the winter. The idea was that Nabil Bahoui would play a key role in what is likely to be 4-3-3, but his severe knee injury on a workout means that AIK is in need of a replacement. Returning Ebenezer Ofori was the All-Swedish perhaps the best midfielder during his last win in AIK, becoming the team's game engine. Goalkeeper Oscar Linnér will try his wings in Germany and Danish substitute Jakob Haugaard, with Stoke credentials, will be praised. The loss of Tarik Elyounoussi is obviously heavy.

Djurgårdens IF

All Swedish seasons: 64.
SM Gold: 12.
Location 2019: 1.
Coach: Kim Bergstrand and Thomas Lagerlöf (since 2019).

In: Erland Tangvik, etc., Tiller, Linus Tagesson, b, promoted from the U-team, Emmanuel Banda, mf, Ostend, Kalle Holmberg, b, IFK Norrköping.

Out: Benjamin Machini, etc., club not completed, Jacob Widell Zetterström, etc., break from football, Johan Andersson, b, Gif Sundsvall (loan all season), Marcus Danielson, b, Dalian, Joseph Ceesay, mf, Helsingborg, Hampus Finndell , mf, Dalkurd (loan all season), Marcus Hansson, mf, club not ready, Dzenis Kosica, mf, Jönköpings Södra (loan all season), Besard Sabovic, mf, Mjällby, Adam Bergmark Wiberg, b, Örgryte (loan all season ), Mohamed Buya Turay, b, Sint-Truiden (closed loan).

Comment: Maybe not the best players, but together all the parts became a unit that last year resulted in the club's first World Cup gold since 2005. After the season of success, Marcus Danielson, the team captain and now national team-mate, was sold to the Chinese league - which is obviously a heavy loss. But there is a decent replacement in the squad: Erik Berg. The midback made eleven games last year before a knee injury put a stop to further play. Does he hold now? Kalle Holmberg, new from IFK Norrköping, looks to have a trailing role behind Emir Kujovic and that interaction has worked well during the preseason. But who's going to run deep and tear the opponents' line of defense now that Mohamed Buya Turay isn't there?

IF Elfsborg

All Swedish seasons: 76.
SM gold: 6.
Location 2019: 8.
Coach: Jimmy Thelin (since 2018).

In: Mathias Dyngeland, etc., Sogndal, Johan Larsson, b, Brøndby, Christoper McVey, b, Dalkurd (closed loan), Tim Stålheden, b, promoted from U-team, Leo Väisänen, b, Den Bosch, Mattias Özgun, b , Degerfors (closed loan), Alexander Bernhardsson, mf, Örgryte, Eduart Iljazi, mf, promoted from U-team, Prince Isaac Kouame, mf, promoted from U-team, Jacob Ondrejka, mf, Landskrona, Rasmus Rosenqvist, mf, Gais (closed loan), Anton Thorsson, mf, promoted from the U-team, Jesper Sandberg Hesselgren, b, promoted from the U-team.

Out: David Olsson, etc., Örgryte (loan all season), Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard, etc., Helsingør, Álex Portillo, b, club not ready, Stian Gregersen, b, Molde (closed loan), Jon Jönsson, b, club not ready , Alex Dyer, mf, Al-Tadamon, Stefan Ishizaki, mf, Completed Career, Jonathan Levi, mf, Rosenborg (Closed Loan), Simon Lundevall, Mf, Northeast United, Arian Kabashi, F, Dalkurd (Loan All Season).

Comment: Many high profile players have left the team, including key players such as Stefan Ishizaki and Simon Lundevall. Goalkeeper profile Kevin Stuhr Ellegaard became disgusted with club leadership at the end of last year and has now thanked himself. His replacement Mathias Dyngeland has made U21 international matches for Norway and is an interesting name. New center-back Leo Väisänen, little brother of former AIK player Sauli, could be an attraction. The young Finnish is aiming to take a place in the European squad. In addition, Johan Larsson is back from overseas adventures - which means a lot to the team.

Falkenbergs FF

All Swedish seasons: 4.
SM Gold: Nothing.
Location 2019: 13.
Coach: Hasse Eklund (since 2015).

In: Tim Erlandsson, etc., clubless, Mohammad Ahmadi, b, promoted from U-team, Gabriel Johansson, b, promoted from U-team, Denis Kelmendi, b, Stafsinge (closed loan), Sander van Looy, b, clubless, Lorik Ademi, mf, promoted from the U-team, Rasmus Fridolf, mf, promoted from the U-team, Matthew Garbett, b, Team Wellington, Kwame Kizito, b, Häcken.

Out: Dennis Bengtsson, etc., club not ready, Hampus Nilsson, etc., Trelleborg, Ludvig Johansson, b, club not ready, Per Karlsson, b, Tvååker, Denis Kelmendi, b, club not ready, Dominic Chatto, mf, ended his career , Mergim Laci, mf, club not ready, Johan Lassagård, mf, club not ready, Carl Martinsson, mf, Tvååker (loan all season), Passi Prudence, mf, Landskrona, Hampus Svensson, mf, club not ready, Robin Östlind, mf, Halmstad, Kirill Pogrebnjak, f, Lokomotiv Tashkent.

Comment: New goalkeeper Tim Erlandsson is back in top football after taking a break due to mental illness. The 22-year-old has a fine track record, he has among other things belonged to Nottingham and participated in the national team's January tour. If he finds the form he will be a key player for FFF. The acquisition of attack Kwame Kizito at times looked interesting in Häcken last year, and is expected to play a bigger role here. As usual, Falkenberg learns to fight at the bottom of the table, given how the squad looks. A replacement for center-back Per Karlsson is needed to strengthen the defensive.

IFK Gothenburg

All Swedish seasons: 87.
SM Gold: 18.
Location 2019: 7.
Coach: Poya Asbaghi ​​(since 2018).

In: Alexander Jallow, b, Jönköpings Södra, Amin Affane, mf, Örgryte (closed loan).

Out: Edvin Dahlqvist, b, Qviding, Erik Gunnarsson, b, Utsikten, Jake Weisbrod, b, Assyriska BK, Sebastian Eriksson, mf, Genoa, Lawson Sabah, mf, Linköping City (loan for summer), Andreas Öhman, mf, Utsikten , Lasse Vibe, f, Central Jutland.

Comment: Alexander Jallow, whom the club tried to recruit already this summer, has joined and it is a hyper-interesting talent. The 21-year-old is a U21 national team player and is predicted a bright future - here Gothenburg may have done a really good business. Gothenburg has a very young squad and it is said that several former blue and white players should return to give the team the necessary routine. Among other things, midfielder Jakob Johansson's name is on the wallpaper. And that's how Marcus Berg always talks. Johansson is perhaps the most realistic recruitment right now, but he is going to be injured.

Hammarby IF

All Swedish seasons: 51.
SM gold: 1.
Location 2019: 3.
Coach: Stefan Billborn (since 2018).

In: Oliver Nnonyelu Dovin, etc., promoted from U-team, David Ousted, etc., Chicago, Jean Carlos de Brito, b, Frej (closed loan), Oscar Krusnell, b, Team TG (closed loan), Aziz Outtara Mohammed, b, ASEC Mimosas, André Alsanati, mf, Frej (closed loan), Abdul Halik Hudu, mf, Frej (closed loan), Abdul Khalili, mf, Kasimpasa, Leon Hien, b, promoted from U-team, Loue Bayere Junior, f, ASEC Mimosas, Gustav Ludwigson, f, Örgryte, Filston Mawana, f, Frej (closed loan), Paulinho, b, Hapoel Be'er Sheva.

Out: Johan Wiland, etc., completed the career, Marcus Degerlund, b, Jönköpings Södra, Hjalmar Ekdal, b, Sirius (loan for the entire season), Mats Solheim, b, Stabæk, Leo Bengtsson, mf, Häcken, Nikola Djurdjic, b, Chengdu, Zé Vitor, f, Tubarão.

Comment: Midfielder Abdul Khalili has been fetched from Kasimpasa and striker Paulinho from Hapoel Be'er Sheva. In addition, Muamer Tankovic - who is surrounded by the floating pressure - remains, as do Alexander Kacaniklic and Darijan Bojanic. Hammarby's crazy offensive looks to continue even this season. One that will be missing is Nikola Djurdjic, who chose to move to China after the season. Now maybe most people think of the point he stood for, and yes, of course it's right, but Djurdjic's way of tearing up, starting the press game repeatedly showed the way and was an important part of Hammarby's game. As mentioned, the team showed offensive quality - clearly the best in all Sweden - with creativity, individualists and pace, but in order to succeed this year a clear more dense defensive is needed.

Helsingborgs IF

All Swedish seasons: 67.
SM Gold: 5.
Location 2019: 10.
Coach: Olof Mellberg (since September 2019).

In: Alexander Nilsson, etc., IFK Hässleholm, Egzon Bejtulai, b, Shkëndija, Erik Figueroa, b, Unión La Calera, Ravy Tsouka, b, Västerås, Martin Olsson, b, clubless (contract for the summer), Joseph Ceesay, mf, Djurgården, Brandur Olsen, mf, Hafnarfjördur, Filip Sjöberg, mf, promoted from U-team, Assad Al Hamlawi, b, Ängelholm, Rasmus Jönsson, b, Buriram United, Noel Mbo, b, Eskilsminne (closed loan), Alex Timossi Andersson , f, Bayern Munich (loan for summer).

Out: Markus Holgersson, b, completed career, Fredrik Liverstam, b, Trelleborg, Carl Thulin, b, Eskilsminne (loan all season), Charlie Weberg, b, Gais (loan all season), Mattias Almeida, mf, club not ready, Ibrahim Bancé, mf, ASEC Mimosas (closed loan), Kundai Benyu, mf, Celtic (closed loan), Alexander Farnerud, mf, club not ready, Tobias Mikkelsen, mf, club not ready, Mamudu Moro, mf, Mjällby, Tashreeq Matthews , f, previously borrowed from Dortmund, Wanderson, f, club not completed.

Comment: Trainer Olof Mellberg has a huge job ahead of him. Not just because the game turnover continues to be great at the club - but also because there is an imminent cloud filled with the club's financial worries. But of course there are flashes of light. The fact that Rasmus Jönsson returns after a victory in Thailand means a lot, he can be one of allsvenskan's top players in his best moments. National team captain Andreas Granqvist has prepared for an undefeated European Cup final, and will learn to make a significantly stronger season than he did last year. Another thing not to be forgotten: this season Mellberg has to start from the beginning, and maybe these are the pieces needed to make the club lift - even though the parts seem to be few ...

BK Häcken

All Swedish seasons: 19.
SM Gold: Nothing.
Location 2019: 6.
Coach: Andreas Alm (since 2018).

In: Tobias Carlsson, b, Varberg, Leo Bengtsson, mf, Hammarby, Imam Jagne, mf, promoted from U-team, Adnan Maric, mf, clubless, Patrik Wålemark, mf, Qviding, Alexander Søderlund, b, Rosenborg, Jasse Tuominen , f, Bate Borisov.

From: Kari Arkivuo, b, Teodor Wålemark, b, Ljungskile, Kevin Ackermann, mf, Örgryte, Benjamin Arapovic, mf, Norrby, Lahtis, Kwame Kizito, b, Falkenberg, Paulinho, b, Hapoel Be'er Sheva.

Comment: The hedge has dropped big star Paulinho to Israel - on to Hammarby, which of course will become very noticeable to Hisingsgänget. New striker Jasse Tuominen has a rather messy career behind him, but sniffs at a place in the Finnish European squad and is a quality player. Leo Bengtsson will certainly gain great confidence and Swedish Olympic player Adnan Maric, who belonged to Swansea, will be interesting to see in all Swedes. The line of interesting players does not end there. Patrik Wålemark, 18, comes in strongly from the right and scores, and has really impressed on coach Alm. Just like the 16 year old super lift Imam Jagne. In addition, former Rosenborg striker Alexander Søderlund is in the club. The hedge may have something big going on if Alm gets the parts together and Daleho Irandust blossoms. What then?

Kalmar FF

All Swedish seasons: 32.
SM gold: 1.
Location 2019: 14 (left in allsvenskan via qualification).
Coach: Nanne Bergstrand (new).

In: Tobias Andersson, etc., Öster, Sebastian Ring, b, Grimsby, Johan Arvidsson, mf, promoted from U-team, Svante Ingelsson, mf, Udinese (loan for summer), Alexander Ahl Holmström, b, Oskarshamn (closed loan) , Edvin Crona, b, IFK Värnamo (loan terminated).

Out: Viktor Noring, etc., club not ready, Hampus Strömgren, etc., club not ready, Viktor Agardius, b, Livorno, Viktor Krüger, b, Oskarshamn (loan all season), Olle Lindqvist, b, Oskarshamn (loan all season) , Jesper Manns, b, AFC Eskilstuna, Malte Persson, b, Oskarshamn (loan all season), Samuel Adrian, mf, Malmö FF (closed loan), Mahmoud Eid, mf, Persebaya Surabaya, Rasmus Elm, mf, completed his career, Herman Hallberg, mf, Trelleborg, Adam Hellborg, mf, Sirius, Alexander Jakobsen, b, IFK Norrköping (closed loan), Maxwell, b, Cuiabá (loan all season), Chidiebere Nwakali, mf, club not ready, Måns Söderqvist, b, Trelleborg.

Comment: After the least troubled autumn, which ended with a successful qualification, Kalmar has turned to Nanne Bergstrand again. The profile is back on the coach post and perhaps provides the security the club needs to be able to restart. Goalkeeper Lucas Hägg Johansson extended his contract, which means a lot to KFF. Rasmus Elm also remains, but is now part of the leadership team. He has announced that he will only play if there is an absolute crisis. KFF's loan from Svante Ingelsson from Udinese (will there even be any matches?) Is a good new acquisition but it will probably need some more to avoid the bottom battle.

Malmö FF

All Swedish seasons: 84.
SM Gold: 20.
Location 2019: 2.
Coach: Jon Dahl Tomasson (new).

In: Mathias Nilsson, etc., Eskilsminne (closed loan), Hugo Andersson, b, Trelleborg (closed loan), Anel Ahmedhodzic, b, Hobro (closed loan), Samuel Adrian, mf, Kalmar (closed loan), Adi Nalic, mf , AFC Eskilstuna (closed loan), Pavle Vagic, mf, AFC Eskilstuna (closed loan), Isaac Kiese Thelin, b, Anderlecht (loan all season).

Out: Marko Johansson, etc., Mjällby (loan all season), Jakob Tånnander, etc., HJK, Felix Beijmo, b, Werder Bremen (closed loan), Franz Brorsson, b, Esbjerg (loan for the summer), Felix Konstandeliasz, mf, Lund, Patriot Sejdiu, mf, Dalkurd (loan all season), Lorent Shabani, mf, club not completed, Markus Rosenberg, b, completed career, Carlos Strandberg, b, Al-Hazem.

Comment: The entire profile of all Swedes, Markus Rosenberg, has finally given up and left a big void behind him. Isaac Kiese Thelin, who has been hired as a straight substitute, stood for success during his last win in the MFF, but now the form is uncertain. Adi Nalic, who is back, looked exciting during his loan period at AFC Eskilstuna and will certainly get the chance from new coach Jon Dahl Tomasson. And how will it go for him, by the way? The Danish has a star-filled squad available, but the demands on him will be soaring. Anything but SM gold would be a failure.

Mjällby AIF

All Swedish seasons: 8.
SM Gold: Nothing.
Rank 2019: 1 in the superettan.
Coach: Marcus Lantz (new).

In: Marko Johansson, etc., Malmö FF (loan all season), Noel Törnqvist, etc., Halmia, Jasin Khayat, b, Norrby, Jesper Löfgren, b, Brann (loan all season), Eric Björkander, b, Gif Sundsvall, Max Watson, b, Jönköpings Södra, David Batanero, mf, Gif Sundsvall, Mamudo Moro, mf, Helsingborg, Besard Sabovic, mf, Djurgården, Jacob Bergström, b, Mjøndalen, Omar Dampha, b, Kristianstad (closed loan).

Out: Charbel Georges, mf, Aramaic-Syrian, Mirza Halvadzic, mf, club not ready, Kevin Höög Jansson, mf, Fremad Amager, Nino Irgolic, etc., NK Maribor (closed loan), Pontus Jonsson, b, Karlskrona (loan full season), Felix Konstandeliasz, mf, Malmö FF (closed loan), William Kvist, mf, Varberg, Mohammed Mbye, b, club not ready, Michael Omoh, mf, Örebro (closed loan), Jakob Ottosson, mf, club not ready , Philip Persson, b, club not ready.

Comment: The newcomer Mjällby has made a couple of interesting new acquisitions, including Mamudu Moro, which sometimes looked exciting in Helsingborg last year. Goalie loan Marko Johansson holds good class. And is it the flip or flop that applies to David Batanero, who played for Gif Sundsvall last year? If there is a flip, it may well be just what coach Marcus Lantz & Co needs to stay off the ground.

IFK Norrköping

All Swedish seasons: 79.
SM Gold: 13.
Location 2019: 5.
Coach: Jens Gustafsson (since 2016).

In: Pontus Almqvist, mf, Sylvia (closed loan), Carl Björk, b, Sylvia (closed loan), Felix Jakobsson, etc., Torn, Kristoffer Khazeni, mf, Sylvia, Manasse Kusu, mf, Sylvia (closed loan), Julius Lindgren, etc., Sylvia (closed loan), Jonathan Levi, mf, Rosenborg.

From: Alfons Sampsted, b, Bodø / Glimt, Kalle Holmberg, b, Djurgården, Alexander Jakobsen, mf, Sarpsborg, Simon Skrabb, b, Brescia, Gudmundur Thorarinsson, mf, New York City, Andreas Vaikla, etc., Narva Trans, Johannes Vall, b, Ljungskile, Felix Jakobsson, etc., Sylvia (loan all season), Kasper Larsen, b, Odense, Gustav Jansson, etc., club not ready.

Comment: The team has lost Simon Skrabb, Brescia, and Kalle Holmberg, Djurgården, among others, but on the "list" there is a player who shines a little extra: Jonathan Levi. Last year Rosenborg lent the midfielder to Elfsborg but now it is Norrköping that applies, and given the 24-year-old's surroundings at Östgötaporten it can probably be a pretty pleasant season for the team, the fans and everyone else that the club touches. One player who ends up on the same list, despite having been at the club since 2018, is Simon Thern. Last year, the 27-year-old had a season that was partly characterized by anxiety, but should now be back. And what happens to key player Sead Haksabanovic? The mischievous player is only loaned out for the summer before returning to West Ham or anywhere else ...

I Sirius

All Swedish seasons: 6.
SM Gold: Nothing.
Location 2019: 11.
Coach: Henrik Rydström (since 2019).

In: Hjalmar Ekdal, b, Hammarby (loan all season) Laorent Shabani, mf, Malmö FF, Isak Bråholm, mf, promoted from the U-team, Sherko Faiqi, mf, Gefle (closed loan), Simon Gefvert, mf, Karlslund, Adam Hellborg, mf, Kalmar FF, Nahom Girmai Netabay, mf, Varberg, Joakim Persson, b, promoted from the U-team, Hannes Sveijer, etc., promoted from the U-team, Jonathan Viscosi, etc., San Antonio, Kennedy Igboananike, b , al-Hazem.

Out: John Alvbåge, etc., Lindome, Jesper Arvidsson, b, Brommapojkarna, Christer Gustafsson, mf, Brommapojkarna, John Junior Igbarumah, b, Dalkurd, Ian Sirelius, mf, completed his career, Abdul Razak, mf, Örgryte, Linus Nygren, b , completed his career, Philip Haglund, mf, Brommapojkarna.

Comment: A strong player in, an even stronger player out. Sirius has picked up Kennedy Igboananike and the striker should be able to create some disorder in the All Swede, as he has done before in some clubs where AIK was the latest Swedish address. The big negative sign is that Philip Haglund - who operated his foot last winter - has chosen to move home to BP. At present, it seems like a difficult nut to crack for coach Rydström and it will be interesting to see what he comes up with when it comes to replacing Haglund. In addition to Igboananike, the club has picked in Nahom Girmai Netabay. He impressed in Varberg and it will be exciting to see if he can handle the Swedish pace.

Varbergs Bois

All Swedish seasons: 0.
SM Gold: Nothing.
Rank 2019: 2 in the superettan.
Coach: Joakim Persson (since 2018).

In: Stojan Lukic, etc., Örgryte, Rasmus Cronvall, b, Varbergs Gif, Alexander Johansson, mf, Tvååker, William Kvist, mf, Mjällby, Tashreeq Matthews, mf, Dortmund, Gustaf Norlin, mf, Skövde, Axel Pettersson, b, Oddevold, Monday Samuel, mf, Thanh Hoa, Robin Tranberg, mf, Dalkurd, Albin Winbo, mf, Tvååker, Jon Birkfeldt, b, Frej, Luke Le Roux, Supersport United, André Boman, mf, Varbergs Gif (closed loan), Nils Bertilsson, b, Varbergs Gif (closed loan), Liam Munther, mf, Varbergs Gif (closed loan).

Out: Matthew Pyzdrowski, etc., completed career, Perparim Beqaj, b, Jönköpings Södra, Jakob Bergman, b, Umeå FC, Robin Book, mf, Örebro, Tobias Carlsson, b, Häcken, Nahom Girmai Netabay, mf, Sirius, Philip Ljung , b, Ängelholm (loan all season), Axel Olsson, mf, Ängelholm, Rebin Asaad, mf, club not ready, Axel Pettersson, b, Ljungskile (loan all season), William Kvist, mf, Landskrona (loan for summer), Erik Zetterberg, mf, Edmonton.

Comment: Before his historic first season in the Allsvenskan, Varberg has so far acquired modest. Midfielder Monday Samuel has played all Swedish football for both Östersund and Helsingborg earlier in his career, and is said to be an important cog. Robin Book, Nahom Girmai Netabay and Perparim Beqaj are heavy breakdowns - and well, as it seems now, Varberg is having a hard time keeping up with all Swedes. Maybe the team can make some bargains among clubless players who are in search of new contracts? Tobias Carlsson is a heavy pin.

Örebro SK

All Swedish seasons: 51.
SM Gold: Nothing.
Location 2019: 9.
Coach: Axel Kjäll (since August 2017).

In: Jake McGuire, etc., Gefle, Andreas Skovgaard, Heerenveen (loan all season), Alfred Ajdarevic, mf, IFK Värnamo (closed loan), Robin Book, mf, Varberg, Isaac Boye Edegware, f, again from loan, Erik Björndahl , b, Degerfors, Benjamin Hjertstrand, b, Brage, Michael Omoh, mf, back from loan, David Seger, mf, Sollentuna, Jack Lahne, b, Amiens (loan for summer), Nadir Ayéva, Karlslund (closed loan).

Out: Simon Gustafsson, mv, Forward (loan all season), Adam Bark, mf, Motala AIF, Johan Bertilsson, mf, Degerfors, Rodin Deprem, b, club not ready, Mathias Karlsson, mv, Gais, Yaser Kasim, mf, Erbil, Martin Lorentzson, b, club not ready, Viktor Prodell, b, Ho Chi Minh City, Isaac Boye, b, Ljungskile (loan all season).

Comment: The Corona virus has created some question marks for Örebro, just like for some other clubs in the Swedish community. What happens to the borrowed players whose contracts expire this summer? An issue that has become most relevant since the Allsvenskan is scheduled to start later than normal. For Örebro, it is about Jack Lahne's being or not being. Anyway, the striker has been loaned in from French Amiens and hopes to have a similar success as Carlos Strandberg. Otherwise? Well, Robin Book is a skilled offensive midfielder who will surely find a place in Örebro, and Benjamin Hjertstrand has been coveted after standing for great efforts in Brage. That veteran Viktor Prodell leaves ÖSK is no surprise, as is Martin Lorentzson. Örebro in the year 2020 looks very much like Örebro in 2019. If it is good or bad, yes it may be time, but it is strong of the ÖSK to attract Erik Björndahl, the superetty's shooter king.

Östersunds FK

All Swedish seasons: 4.
Location 2019: 12.
Coach: Ian Burchnall (since June 2018).

In: Kalpi Outtara, b, ASEC Mimosas, Frank Arhin, mf, Dalkurd, (closed loan), Henrik Bellman, mf, Levanger, (closed loan).

Out: Douglas Bergqvist, b, Arka Gdynia, Patrick Kpozo, b, IFK Luleå (loan all season), Jamie Hopcutt, mf, club not ready, Dino Islamovic, b, Rosenborg, Tom Pettersson, b, Cincinnati.

Comment: You probably know the tours by now. Östersund is after many if and but still in the allsvenskan, the club finally got the elite license granted. But the question is what kind of team will be on the pitch as the season starts. Even before the corona virus struck, the economy was at the bottom and savings were needed. Key player Tom Pettersson and key striker Dino Islamovic have already left, and ÖFK will certainly listen to bids on more of their players. Östersund is certainly allowed to buy players again - for a while the club had a ban on recruitment as a penalty in the Saman Ghoddos tavern - but the cash register gaped and some money for major purchases does not exist.

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