Prevention of sports scandals Non-conforming organizations will cancel the subsidy for reinforcement expenses April 10 21:28

Last year, the rules that sporting bodies should follow to prevent scandals in the sports world were finalized, and a system to reflect this in subsidies for strengthening funding from the government was finalized. Was included.

The Sports Agency has been providing support for strengthening the competition for sports organizations as a business to improve the competitiveness of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. We have formulated rules to be followed to enhance the soundness of organizational operations.

Following this, a video conference was held on the 10th at the Sports Agency by Secretary-General Suzuki and the heads of the governing bodies such as the JOC = Japan Olympic Committee, and a mechanism to reflect the norms in subsidies for strengthening expenses was compiled.

According to this, if the governing body examines 43 items, such as conducting compliance education and setting goals for the ratio of female directors, if it does not follow without reasonable explanation and does not take any action for improvement, It is evaluated as non-conforming, and if there is at least one non-conforming item, it will cancel the subsidy for reinforcement.

On the other hand, even if the items are not observed, the amount will not be reduced for one year if efforts are being made for improvement, and if the improvement has not been achieved two years later, the reduction will be 20%.

Judging is conducted once every four years, and this year's target is 28 sports groups, such as the Olympics and Paralympics. Otherwise you will be reduced by 10%.

According to the Sports Agency, the review is expected to begin in the summer, but the spread of the new coronavirus may delay the start of the review.