Six officials in Barcelona's club submitted a mass resignation yesterday, causing a violent earthquake in the club at a time when football activity has stopped completely due to the Corona pandemic that hit Spain hard. The Spanish newspaper "Marca" stated that the resignations were not surprising to those following the internal affairs of the club, and in light of the escalating tensions between a period of time between President Joseph Bartomeo and a number of officials in the club, headed by Emilio Rosand, Enrique Tompas, Silvio Elias and Joseph Pont, and the four submitted their resignations at a time One, along with Maria Teixidore and Jordi Calzamia, all head different departments of the club.

The six officials submitted one collective resignation through a letter addressed to the Board of Directors whose members have retreated from 19 to 13 members only.
The newspaper attributed the resignations to the fact that the officials no longer have the confidence of the president who wants to prepare for the upcoming elections without the six directors, especially after the Council got involved in many problems, perhaps the most prominent of which is the story of "conspiracy" against some of the club's stars by employing an external media company to discredit their reputation. Which Bartomio has repeatedly denied.