Professional baseball high school newcomers, who will be responsible for the future of Korean baseball, had a dazzling fight in practice. Let's take a look at the cool and cool helms of candidates such as kt mini-jun, pitcher LG Lee Min-ho and Kim Yoon-sik.

Reporter Sunghoon Lee.


Kt Joo Joon Jun, who was an ace of the youth team last year and is rated as the 'new rookie' this season, overwhelmed kt's first-base hitters.

At a top speed of 148 km / h, a powerful fastball hitting the outside corner and a sharp curve led to a strikeout show.

He scored 1 for a hit, but he showed off his goodness by catching 4 strikeouts in 2 innings.

With foreign pitchers who have recently been released from self-isolation, it is difficult to play in early May, and Sohn Joon, who has the best position among kt's starting pitchers, is expected to take on the actual ace's middle of the season.

[Shin Hyung-jun / kt new pitcher: Even if I go out before the opening game, I think that I only need to focus on what I can throw, so I am trying to concentrate on what I will do.]

In the practice game of LG, two new high school pitchers delighted director Ryu Joong-il.

The first nominee, right-hander Lee Min-ho, blocked a powerful fastball with a maximum speed of 147 km / h, and left-hander Kim Yoon-sik, who was nominated for the second round, prevented 3 innings side by side with stable control.

[Lee Min-ho / LG New Pitcher: I don't care about restraint, I pay attention to the balance of my mouth (I threw it) and it feels good to be good.]

[Kim Yun-sik / LG new pitcher: I want to throw it as a starter, but I always want to be in the entry for any job position.]

While Chan-gyu Lim, the 5th candidate, is struggling in Cheongbaekjeon, the possibility of Lee Min-ho and Kim Yoon-sik entering the starting team is also discussed.

(Video coverage: Kyunjong Kim · Wonbae Kim, Video editing: Byeongjik Kim)