Athletes can easily stretch and cook even when they are out of control. Video relay on April 9 16:31

Top players in Japan, including Asuka Terada and Ryota Yamagata, aiming for the Tokyo Olympics on land, released a video on the SNS as a relay that introduces stretches and dishes that can be easily made at home even when they are out of control. Are gathering.

This video relay was launched on March 3rd, with a 100-meter hurdle for women and a record for Japan, titled "What You Can Do Now for Sports."

Terada introduced training using a small trampoline and connected the baton to women's short distance Ani Doi.

Doi introduced strength training and the baton was handed over to Haruka Kitaguchi, a female javelin thrower.

Also inspired by this movement, Shota Iizuka, a silver medalist for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics men's 400 meter relay, started relaying on a different route, and on the 8th, the same silver medal member, Yamagata, how to make chawan steaming easily at home. Was introduced.

Yamagata added chicken breast to the ingredients and introduced it as an athlete's meal, saying that it can be easily made and abundant in protein, and also called out to go out, wash hands, and take measures against infectious diseases such as gargle. Was.

The athlete's video relay has been gaining popularity, with more than 300,000 replays as of 3:00 pm on September 9, and batons have been linked to men's short distance Shuhei Tada and men's high jump Naoto Tobe. I am.