As the plan now looks, the damsel Swede will be launching on May 31 and the gentleman Swan the week after, but state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell does not think it is realistic.

- If you talk senior matches with a lot of spectators, then I think it sounds pretty optimistic. But we will see, we take one week at a time, Tegnell told TT earlier today.

Despite plans for all Swedish football with an audience in June, Swedish general football's general secretary Mats Enquist says.

- I hope it (the plan) holds and does not, it will be somewhere in May we make a new assessment. Then we have more facts, I make no guesses for June, it's two months away, Enquist tells SVT Sport.

To play without an audience in June, is that an option?

- We aim to play with the audience and if it turns out that it would not work then we will look at other alternatives.

What are the other options?

- We will take that in May in that case. We can't sit around and make guessing scenarios all the time if it doesn't work out the way we intended, but we take it when we see if it is not possible. We have, of course, looked at all possible other scenarios that could conceivably exist, but which of them we choose will not be known until we decide on it, if we have to decide on it.

Enquist says that the options are many.

- There are a lot of alternatives, but many of the alternatives are also very poor. But no, I do not want to speculate at all now, but we will take it when approaching if there are reasons to think differently.

The Swedish high football series have been postponed for about two months due to the corona crisis.