The startup Lynk may have found the solution to do away with all these white areas where mobiles do not pick up: putting relay antennas ... in space.

This will, quite simply, transform our current mobiles into satellite phones. As you know, a satellite phone is great: there is no problem with coverage, you can use it anywhere in the world, in the middle of the ocean as in the middle of the desert; it always picks up! Well, a new technology allows satellites to communicate directly, in 4G, with our current mobiles. So no need to change phones, no adapters, no dish. Your current mobile can connect anywhere, even at the back of the campaign. This will be the end of the current white areas.

Are you talking about it in the future, is it already working or is it still a project?

It's in progress. It is a technology developed by the startup Lynk. It has just put a test satellite into orbit. And for the first time, an SMS was sent, from space, directly to a conventional telephone. Proof that it works. Now, it will still be necessary to launch several hundred satellites to cover the globe. Otherwise we will have to wait until there is one above our head, to make a phone call.

Will you have to change operators to take advantage of it?

No, it will be a complement. Agreements will be made with current operators to fill the gaps in their network. As soon as you enter one of their white areas, you will automatically switch to the satellite network, just like when you switch to roaming abroad. Unfortunately, this is likely to be expensive. But in certain situations, when one is really lost, without a network. Being able to send even an SMS. That has no price.