(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) Chinese player Wu Lei: self-feeling has recovered and nucleic acid retest has not yet been conducted

China News Agency, Beijing, April 9th: The Chinese footballer Wu Lei, who played for the Spanish Club, was infected with new crown pneumonia, which has attracted much attention. On the 8th local time, Wu Lei wrote on the social platform that from a sense of self, it should be said that it has recovered, but it has not yet been tested for nucleic acids.

On March 18th, the Spanish Club announced that after the first-team players and staff were tested for new coronavirus, the results showed that 6 people were positive, but all the diagnosed personnel were mild. Subsequently, the Chinese Football Association confirmed that Wu Lei, a member of the Chinese men's national team who played for the club, was diagnosed with the infection.

However, after the diagnosis, Wu Lei's mentality was positive and optimistic, and he repeatedly said that his symptoms were mild and his physical condition was getting better and better. On the 8th, Wu Lei once again revealed that he felt that his body had recovered, but he had not yet performed a nucleic acid retest. "But this is not the main problem right now, and I didn't have to go out in a hurry, so it doesn't make sense to detect whether it is overcast at the moment."

Although Wu Lei chose to continue to recover at home, he also revealed that he has started normal restorative training this week, including cycling, jogging and strength training at home. "After taking a break for a while, I now start to resume training. I feel like I need to seize the time, but if I can't go out to the green lawn to really run and play football, I still feel itchy feet.

Wu Lei had previously revealed that his wife was also infected with new coronary pneumonia. He said on the 8th that his life has changed dramatically in the past three weeks, and his wife who accompanied him has some mild symptoms. "What we are experiencing now is arguably the most difficult moment in life so far. Before going abroad, how could you think that the road to study abroad will stand the test of this life."

Wu Lei said that human beings are so small in front of nature. In comparison, the ranking on the football field is so insignificant. Waiting for the re-start of the game, you should enjoy the rebirth on the field. (Finish)