Start of donation activities to support professional medical baseball players' medical institutions, etc. 12:51 on April 8 through the Internet

The Professional Baseball Players Association has announced that players from each team have started donating through an Internet site to support medical institutions and organizations working to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

While the opening of the professional baseball season has been postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the athlete association has been examining support for activities to prevent the spread.

As a result, the athlete chairman of each team will make a donation to a fund that supports medical institutions and organizations through a crowdfunding site where teammates call out to teammates to raise funds online.

In addition, we plan to release a message video calling for donations from players on the official Twitter of the Athletes Association in the future.

Furthermore, Japanese players who play in the Major League have already offered to donate to this activity.

The fund will be used to fund medical institutions and welfare facilities, as well as individuals and organizations that support children affected by school closures, as well as subsidies for research and development of vaccines and therapeutics.

The giant Ginjinro Sumitani, the chairman of the professional baseball players 'association, reported that he had already donated on the official Twitter of the players' association, and said, In consultation with the chairman of the athlete, all the players were informed about this donation.

I'll do my best to get my daily life back as fast as possible and to show you the best play.

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