Real Madrid will also temporarily cut the salaries of the players and staff members of the football and basketball branch due to the corona crisis. They have to hand in 10 to 20 percent to limit the financial damage for the club.

Real writes in a statement on its own website that the players and staff members have agreed voluntarily and that the exact percentage depends on the development of the corona virus, which takes many lives in Spain.

The 'Royal' wants to prevent staff from being fired by shortening the salaries of the players and staff members. The club says they are missing a lot of income because there is currently no football.

Real follows the example of FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, but the players and staff members of the biggest rivals in La Liga have to hand in no less than 70 percent of the salary, something that did not go down well with that of Barcelona.

Kroos: 'Handing in your salary useless donation'

Real midfielder Toni Kroos did not want to give up part of the salary on Tuesday because of the corona crisis. The international of Germany thinks it is a better idea to let the footballers decide for themselves what they do with their money.

"Turning in pay is a useless donation, or one to the club. Players should have the option to turn in salary, but I think it's better to get paid in full and then do something good with it," he said. in a podcast by German broadcaster Südwestrundfunk.

Real also had to deal with the corona virus less than a month ago. A basketball player from the club was tested positive, after which training complex Valdebebas had to be locked and all employees who work there were quarantined.

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