Emergency Declaration Tokyo Olympics / Para Enhancement Base Stop use of NTC, etc. April 12 12:05

In response to the “Emergency Declaration” due to the spread of the new coronavirus, JSC / Japan Sports Promotion Center announced that it has discontinued the use of its athlete enhancement bases for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, including the National Training Center in Tokyo.

The National Training Center and the National Sports Science Center in Kita Ward, Tokyo, are the bases for strengthening the top athletes in Japan aiming for the Olympics and Paralympics. Players aiming to represent are continuing to train.

JSC, which manages the facility, has announced that it has discontinued use of the facility from 8th to 6th of next month following the "Emergency Declaration" due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

The National Training Center, but such promising young players that is sending the players and dormitory life is doing a training camp there is accommodation who use, is that seek to leave the prospect of the weekend.

According to the JSC, "we have determined that protecting the health of the players is paramount."

These two facilities have played a central role in strengthening domestic players for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which will be postponed next year.

JSC has also announced that it will no longer use the National Stadium, Yoyogi National Stadium, and Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium.