B-League 3 new players confirmed at Osaka Evessa New Corona April 8 13:38

Basketball Men's B League Osaka Evessa has announced that three new players have been infected with the virus, and now eight have been confirmed in the team.

According to the club, all three had symptoms such as fever and no taste or smell since the end of last month, and all were tested positive on the 7th as a result of being tested for the new coronavirus.

It means that three people are waiting at home until the hospitalization is decided.

The history of the infection is unknown, but one of the three had a meal with another athlete or acquaintance who had already been confirmed at a restaurant in Osaka City on the 24th of last month. I was participating in team practice.

Eight people have now been confirmed to be infected within the team.

In Osaka Evessa, three other athletes have complained of illness and will be tested for a new coronavirus on the 8th.

The club also says that all stakeholders, including asymptomatic players and staff, will be on standby at home and will be adjusted so that all members can be tested in the future.

Osaka Evessa President Naoki Yasui says, "We take the fact that there are eight positive people out there. We are keenly aware that it is causing a lot of inconvenience to the sports world."