The UFC has canceled their three most recent crowds due to the corona pandemic, but starting next week they hope to be able to implement their crowds again.

Among other things, President Dana White says he "is close to securing a private island" where international crowds can be arranged in the coming time.

Something that will in that case influence the Swedish UFC fighter Pannie Kianzad, who is scheduled to play match in Brazil on May 9.

- I don't care where the match happens, it just gets rid of. I've competed in a small basement in Russia too so for me it doesn't matter if there is no audience. Only I get paid and can go home, Kianzad tells SVT Sport.

"Know that many are critical"

The UFC's decision to start organizing crowds again - partly in the US and partly on a private island - has caused many to react.

For example, ARP, an American medical association for martial arts, requires that all events be canceled for the time being.

How do you think about the health aspect?

- I know that many have been critical and I cannot say what is right or wrong. But if it does not violate any laws and my employer who pays my salary says "now it is like this". What should I say? No thanks? My job is to handle the weight and get lost, not decide where the matches should go anywhere, says Kianzad and continues:

- I think the UFC thinks that if they are alone in the world about organizing a sports event right now, how big will it be in that case?

"Does not take unnecessary risks"

It has not yet been confirmed that the gala on May 9, which would have taken place in São Paulo, will be moved to a private island.

- But I definitely do not think it will be in Brazil given the current situation. The only thing I've read is that it can be moved to an island.

What is it like training for an MMA match when at the same time being asked to keep away from other people?

- I try not to take any unnecessary risks and keep myself to myself a lot, but still exercise too fully. We have limited our training group to a smaller team, but it is difficult not to be close to them.

CLIP: Swedish UFC fighter on the tough year (March 6, 2020)

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The Swedish UFC fighter for the tough year