Today, the biathlon called a press conference announcing the role of Stina Nilsson in the coming season. And she immediately gets a place in the A-national team with an individualized arrangement that has been developed together with SOK with a bet against Beijing 2022.

- I am grateful for the solution because I want to be saved with the very best. Then it is good because it is not entirely optimal to participate in everything as I need to shoot more. It is a great arrangement, says Stina Nilsson to SVT Sport.

Has it been a requirement to be in the A-national team?

- I did not see myself written in any way, but I am very happy about this solution.

How did the first weeks go?

- It has exceeded expectations and I do not get caught in the armpit as often. I am grateful that the snow remains and I get to test what it is like to lie on the carpet, says Stina Nilsson and continues:

- Right now it is very shooting. I will try to learn as much as possible for the camp season getting started. Then it is important to adapt the situation and evaluate what I need to practice.

SOK supports Stina

The new shooter Jean-Marc Chabloz will spend part of his time working with Stina Nilsson.

- He is very good and educational. I probably ask a lot of stupid questions that I really should be aware of, but I haven't been approached in a strange way. He is extremely good and we have a good dialogue, says Stina Nilsson.

Despite the fact that Stina Nilsson has changed sports and has no qualifications in biathlon, SOK will continue to support Stina Nilsson in her efforts.

- When we have emerged from the global emergency that the world is currently in, an exciting time in both the short and the long term awaits for Swedish biathlon. There is a new organization, world-class skiers and several young promising developmental skiers on their way to the top, so we are now investing in Swedish biathlon both strong and long-term, ”says SOK's operations manager Peter Reinebo.