Beware of delays in preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and Para Games Organizing Committee and other venues April 20:28 on April 7

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will, in principle, work from home after the declaration of an emergency, but due to the postponement of the urgently decided tournament, there are competition venues for which there is no prospect of securing, and preparations for the tournament have not been completed. I am alarmed if there is a delay.

The Organizing Committee is rapidly reviewing its plans for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which were postponed to the summer of next year due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

According to the Organizing Committee, two-thirds of the approximately 3,800 staff have already switched to telecommuting following the spread of the new coronavirus, but they will be telecommuting after the declaration of emergency. That is.

However, it has been less than a week since the schedule of the postponed tournament has been decided, and there are 43 competition venues and athlete villages, as well as media coverage bases and practice venues, which are already different from the summer season next year. Some facilities have reservations for which there is no prospect of securing, and some staff will go to work to secure venues and other tasks that may seriously affect the preparation of the tournament.

According to Secretary-General Muto, "The competition venues are located in local venues, so re-securing takes time and effort. There is no guarantee that preparations will not be in time, and care must be taken." I am alarmed if there is a delay in preparing for the tournament in between.