The first national team coach, Serbian Ivan Jovanovic - who was recently sacked and has not led the team in any games since his contract, at the end of last December - joined the list of coaches who successively trained Al-Ubaid, since the departure of the former national coach, Mahdi Ali, in 2017, bringing the number of coaches who led the team during this period to four coaches, and they continued for only about 35 months, and during that period witnessed the departure of some of these coaches without leaving any imprint on the team, even some of whom did not know the name of the players who are training them, given that The short period of his assumption of responsibility, due to his instability Hang on to the team’s march after the Mahdi era ended in 2017.

The Football Association and New Technical Committee of the Football Association, headed by the second vice-president of the Federation, the former international player, Youssef Hussein Al-Sahlawi, has appeared before a new stake in the contracting with a coach that creates a new shift in the ranks of the team, and changes the shaky and humble image that White appeared in recent years. And, because of it, he lost his personality that he had been distinguished for a long time, and through which he achieved many achievements, especially during the reign of Mahdi Ali.

The first coach to take over the national team after Mahdi Ali is Argentine Igardo Bawza, who took over for a short period of time, from May 11, 2017 to September 15 of the same year, before suddenly leaving for Saudi Arabia to train its national team, after which he contracted the Italian coach Alberto Zaccheroni, who is the most coach who continued with the team in that period for about 15 months, specifically from October 16, 2017 until 29 January 2019, Zaccheroni led the team in the Asian Cup, which was held in the Emirates in early 2019, and it was hoped that he would achieve an achievement New with Emirates Ball by winning the Asian Cup, especially as the tournament was held In the Emirates, but the team came out of the semi-finals of the championship.

Dutchman, Bert van Marwijk, who was contracted by the Football Association on March 20, 2019, succeeded the Italian Zaccheroni, and he remained with the national team before his departure on December 4, 2019, following the negative results of the national team during his reign.

Marvik led the team in only seven official matches, including four in the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup, as the team won two games in the qualifiers, and lost the same, while he won one game in "Khaleeji 24" against Yemen, and lost in two games In front of Iraq and Qatar.

After the Marvik era ended, the Football Association in the era of the Transitional Committee, which came after the resignation of the former Football Association, headed by Marwan bin Ghalita, used the Serbian coach, Ivan Jovanovic, who was hired on December 22, and Jovanovic, who did not lead the team in any A match, without work until his departure on the sixth of April, and all he did was lead the team in an internal gathering in Dubai for only three days.

The past period has witnessed technical instability, and efforts are being made to contract a coach who will make a new move for the team.