The Basketball Association suspended, in mid-March, the general league championship for the men's stage of its quarter-finals, in light of the precautionary measures taking place in the country to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and the federation decided to complete the competition early next season, but the statistics numbers that were witnessed in the 19 rounds in the championship Whether in the preliminary round, followed by the quarter-final go-to matches, it revealed the brightness of the star of the Al-Bataeh team, which records its second appearance historically in the basketball competitions, to confirm his right to the title of "black horse", after he topped the list of the most solid teams in defense terms, compared to the rest of the 10 teams Participate In the championship, Sharjah was matched by being on the strongest offensive.

The superiority of Al-Bataeh and Sharjah reflects the support enjoyed by basketball by the management of the two clubs and the Sharjah Sports Council in providing technical and administrative stability, especially since both clubs maintained for the second year in a row on the training device, with Egyptian coach Imam Mahmoud, nicknamed "Misho" in Al-Bataeh, The same is true of the continuity of the expert coach, Abdel Hamid Ibrahim, in the King’s Basket. Over the course of 18 games in the preliminary basketball league, Al-Butayeh succeeded, through the defensive line's solidity, in finishing this role in fourth place with 30 points, a difference of five points from Al-Ahly and Sharjah youth participating in the lead, which was confirmed by Al-Butah again in the quarter-final, by surpassing Al-Wasl «64-60» in a match that reflected the solidity of the defensive line of Al-Bataeh as the strongest team in the championship, given that his basket was satisfied throughout 19 games by receiving 1289 points, beating Al-Ahly youth, who came second in defense terms with a total of 1308 points. On the other side, Sharjah finished the preliminary round going with a record without defeats, before being exposed to its only loss in the second leg in front of Al-Ahly youth, which was behind giving up the lead and contented itself with entering first place partner with "Dubai Knights", but the "King" is still He maintains his entire cards to compete in the title, in light of the attacking power of the team, which led him over 19 games to the top of the most scored, with a total of 1838 points, outnumbering 21 points from Al-Ahly youth, who came the second best team to score points.

Sultan Al-Nasr is the best citizen

Al-Nasr club game maker Saleh Sultan, with rates (34 minutes per game) and record ratios of (21 points per game), placed himself at the forefront of the best players in the current season, confirming the stability enjoyed by the player for the second season in a row.

Sharjah Basset most recorded

The success rates in registration, which amounted to (67%) at the level of the two points, and (58%) at the level of the three points, gave the American professional in the ranks of Sharjah Club Adrian Bassett the list of the most successful foreign professional players in the registration during the current season, bearing in mind that Bassett is playing his first season with the King.