The national team goalkeeper and the former youth club, Abdul Qadir Hassan, stressed that official steps must not be taken to cancel the Arab Gulf League championship, before we follow the procedures that will happen in European or even Gulf and Arab leagues to determine our future steps in this regard.

And stopped the league competition on March 15, after round 19 by a decision from the Football Association, as a precaution to counter the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19).

Al-Ahly youth currently lead the competition with 43 points, compared to 37 for runners-up Al Ain, and 36 for the third island, while at the bottom, Fujairah occupies the last position with 12 points, compared to 13 points, even before the last.

He told «Emirates Today»: «There are proposals being studied by federations of European countries in relation to their local competitions to reach the best formula and timing for the resumption of the league, or its cancellation, and the determination of the champion’s mechanism, and we have to wait for what they can reach and take from their decisions what is compatible with us.

He added: «There are solutions that seemed clear in this direction, including setting up the rest of the matches of the current season before the start of the new season in August, and giving the clubs a simple period of time to rest between the two competitions, and this proposal may seem from my point of view logically, because the clubs will be able to define their technical devices And its list of foreign players and citizens during the preparation period for next season in July, and the International Football Association has shown great flexibility regarding its intention to open the registration until the end of this year, which helps local clubs to choose their list and amend them if necessary, ».

Abdel-Qader Hassan stressed that the comparison between canceling the league in the 1990-1991 season and the 2019-2020 version, if this was settled, may look different in appearance.

Abdel-Qader Hassan said: «Let us agree that canceling the league championship in any case is for the interest of the country and there is no disagreement between any athlete that the higher interest is precedent over any sports activity, but we talk in football. In the past and at the time of the decision to cancel the competition because of the Gulf War, we were in the time of amateurs and exchange budgets for the game were not in this state that they became with the application of the professional system, and therefore the losses of the clubs were much less, but today the situation is different, the clubs have great obligations towards the technical devices and players Contracting with them, whether citizens or foreigners, and canceling the tournament will hurt her a lot. ”

Regarding whether the league was canceled, is the title given to Al-Ahly youth as the leader, he replied: “The answer to this question seems sensitive to me and I do not want to talk about this issue. There are officials in the Professional League who are best placed to take the appropriate decision in identifying the champion or canceling The results of all the teams, as happened in the last version in which the League Championship was canceled.

And about the feeling of the youth players at the time of the cancellation of the 90-91 season championship, and they were close to the title, Abdul Qadir Hassan said: “I remember if you didn’t remember the memory that Al-Ahly was the leader of the competition, and the youth were postponing two matches for his participation in the Gulf Clubs Championship, even if we won them at the time We were going to be the leaders, but the decision made by the Football Association canceled all results, and the President’s Cup competition, which Sharjah won, won.

And between: «The number of first division league clubs was increased to 14 clubs instead of 12, in the 1991-92 season, with a decision being made to increase the number of clubs that fall to the second division to four clubs and things happened naturally, and this can happen in the next season if Stability to cancel the league this season in light of the increased risk that the Corona virus poses to everyone. ”