The client of was inconvenient to go out during the epidemic on April 5th, but how can I stay at home to keep my fashion hairstyle? Portuguese superstar Ronaldo will obviously not worry about this, because he has his own "Tony teacher".

From Ronaldo personal social media

A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a haircut video on his personal social media, and it was his girlfriend Georgina who was the one who drove.

Both Ronaldo and Georgina in the video are dressed in home clothes, and it seems that Georgina, who is familiar with the hair cutting process, is taking care of Ronaldo's head hair with faders. At the end, Ronaldo gave a thumbs-up to the camera. He wrote in an article: "If you stay at home, you must also stay stylish!"

Although he had to stay at home because of the outbreak of new pneumonia, Ronaldo was also concerned about the development of the epidemic. According to foreign media reports, Ronaldo and his agent Mendes donated a total of 1 million euros to fund three intensive care wards in the Portuguese hospital to fight the new crown epidemic. It is reported that their donation will be used to purchase equipment in three intensive care units to help relieve the pressure caused by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

And just last week, the Juventus club officially announced that the first team players, including Ronaldo, are willing to give up part of their salary to help the team overcome the difficulties. (Finish)