Consumers complained of an increase in the prices of tools and home sports devices, after the decision issued by the health authorities in the state to close all gyms to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and they said that the increased demand from athletes towards the acquisition of sports equipment in their homes to complete their training programs led to a clear contrast. In the price.

They told «Emirates Today» that the decision to close gyms was successful, especially as it is one of the places where people share tools between them, and this can cause infection to spread among a large segment of society, and they confirmed that their acquisition of some household sports equipment will be sufficient for To them, to maintain their physical fitness in the current period, expressing their hope that the crisis will ease until they return to their normal life and go to the gyms.

The Emirates Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitness called for the necessity of adhering to the decision to stop sports activities in halls and specialized clubs, as part of the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and said that the decision contributes to preserving public health.

The consumer, Khalifa Mubarak, explained that he came to the market for selling sports equipment in order to buy some tools that could continue his training classes at home, and was surprised by the high prices, unlike the normal days that preceded the decision to close gyms.

As he left one of the sports equipment stores in Al Ain, he said that he had prepared himself to complete the exercises in the house in the coming period, after he had purchased some of the necessary equipment, and he said: "The prices are correct, but it is important to continue the exercises by staying at home."

In turn, former Al Ain team player, Salem Ghobeish Al Yahyai, ​​confirmed that there are some changes in the prices of sports equipment, and that the prices have become high, due to the demand for them to complete the exercises at home, and everyone's desire to maintain their physical fitness while adhering to the health directives to stay at home.

Al-Yahyahi said, during his tour to learn the prices of sports equipment, the day before yesterday, that athletes can buy the necessary equipment and use the "YouTube" application to learn about some of the exercises that they can do at home, stressing that the exercises at the present time are sufficient to maintain fitness until a return Things are normal. On the other hand, Mohamed Hadi, the owner of the “Sports House” shop, explained that the change in prices applies only to sports tools and equipment that he purchased at new prices from suppliers, while the previously existing items at their previous price itself, and he cannot change it because he cannot earn money because of a crisis Hit the whole world.

Arranging some of the tools that recently arrived at his shop on the main street in Al Ain, he said: «Some people may think that we are benefiting from this crisis, but I say that health is more important than financial benefit, we have been present in the market since 1985, and we have customers and we deal with government agencies, including schools Universities, clubs, and, as I said, it is important for the time being that everyone is in complete health and safety only. ” Mohamed Hadi explained that the demand in the current period for lifting weights, running machines and some fun games.

The best selling sports equipment in the UAE, according to «Amazon»

1- A set of 11 pieces of rubber bands with a sponge mat.

2- The horizontal bar installed in the wall.

3- Block equipment for strength.

4- Medical balls for medical training.

5- Belt to tighten the chest and abdomen muscles and burn fat.

6- Dumbbell weights of vinyl with a classic head design.

7- Weight lifting seat is adjustable.

8- Weighing device in two stations from «Sky Land».

Gyms compensate their subscribers for suspension

Gyms in the country have sent messages to subscribers, confirming to them their commitment to the decision of the health authorities to close their headquarters until further notice, while Goldis Gymnasium, which has a group of branches in the Emirates, whose headquarters are in the US state of Texas, in a letter to its customers, has stated that it has decided Freeze the membership of all participants and compensate them later for the days when the gyms were closed.

5 devices that an athlete needs to complete his training at home

The first: the sports carpet being versatile, and helps you in many exercises, such as yoga and abdominal exercises.

The second: The dumbbell, which is an important part of all exercises, given that weights are necessary to achieve goals faster, whether the goal is weight loss or increased muscle mass.

The third: the rubber bands that give training a person's muscle resistance, and through which various exercises can be performed and are easy to use.

Fourth: Al-Okla, which is the only device a person needs to train the upper body, and can be used on days when he does not feel completely energetic to perform exercises.

Fifth: the ankle weights that give the additional boost a person needs in calorie burning exercises.