A media report stated that the economic situation of the clubs that are active in the Bundesliga and the second division are more tragic than previously known.

And the German sports magazine "Kicker" explained - in a report - that 13 of the 36 clubs in both classes are threatened with bankruptcy this season because of the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

"Kicker" relied on the numbers announced by representatives of professional clubs at the members' meeting held by the German Bundesliga via closed-circuit television last Tuesday.

Based on these figures, the situation in the second degree league is more difficult, because only four of the clubs concerned are active in the first degree.

Seven clubs must declare bankruptcy at the end of May, if the competition does not resume by this date, especially as the fourth installment paid by the media partners will not be sent.

The last installment of the media contract is due in early May if the season is a regular one.

The inventory showed that two other second division clubs will go bankrupt in June if they do not receive the value of broadcasting rights.

The report stated that one of the Bundesliga clubs is in great danger, as he can only honor his obligations until May. Three clubs are also due to appoint a bankruptcy trustee in June.

The German newspaper indicated that 12 clubs transferred their money from the fourth television broadcasting premium to credit institutions and other partners in order to pay the current bills.