Maria Sharapova, February 11, 2020. - Stephen Lovekin / WWD / REX / SIPA

After Brigitte Macron who calls Nabilla Vergara, it's Maria Sharapova who gives her 06. The very young retired gave her number on Twitter and Instagram to her fans so that he sends her messages during confinement "a means [for her ] to be in contact "with his fans. It has 8.6 million subscribers and 3.9 million on the two networks.

Not only did I just get a 310 number (hello cool cats🌴) but I'm sharing it with you — Text me! 310-564-7981. For real. Tell me how you're doing, ask me questions, or just say hello 👋🏼 Any great recipes welcome too 😉 # community

- Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova) April 3, 2020

Maria Sharapova asks her fans to send her messages where they can ask her questions, just say hello or give her good cooking recipes.

Last week, she had a two-hour videoconference with her fans filled with "laughter, tears and wine". When she was a tennis player, the Russian was not known to be the friendliest on the circuit. It seems that retirement and confinement have changed Sharapova.


Maria Sharapova retires at 32


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