The historic leader of the Italian Roma team, Francesco Totti, made exciting press statements during which he confirmed that he was crying when he watched the photos of his last match with the "Wolves", which he collected with the Genoa team, on May 28, 2017, explaining that the decision to retire from football was correct, despite obtaining a number One of the offers to continue in the stadiums, and that wearing the shirt of another club, would have erased the values ​​he believed in.

He revealed in a press statement to the American Fox Channel that he had received an official offer from the Arab Gulf League to play in, along with another offer from the American League, and from Sampdoria, Italy, and earlier, from Real Madrid. The Italian legend did not reveal in his statements the identity of the Emirati club he was negotiating.

He said, "Clubs from the Emirates and America tried to sign me, and the president of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero, was ready to offer everything until he contracted me." He added, "I got the chance to end my career in Italy and abroad, but I had doubts about whether I could really continue playing for a year or two, and in the end that wouldn't change anything." Totti played 786 games with Roma in 25 years, won the Italian League title in 2001, and did not wear any shirt other than Roma.

Totti only played for Roma during his football career.