“Tell us how you are doing, ask questions”

Having completed her career, Maria Sharapova decided to become even closer to her fans. In difficult conditions of self-isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Russian woman tried to personally support them and took an unexpected step - she posted her phone number on social networks. The five-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments encouraged subscribers to write to her and promised to answer everyone.

“I have not just recently acquired a telephone number with the code 310 (hello, cool people), but I’m even ready to share it with you. Email me at 310-564-7981! I am not kidding. Tell us how you are doing, ask questions or just say hello. I will also be happy with good cooking recipes, ”Sharapova wrote on Instagram.

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Not only did I just get a 310 number (hello cool cats🌴) but I'm sharing it with you — Text me! 310-564-7981. For real. Tell me how you're doing, ask me questions, or just say hello 👋🏼 Any great recipes welcome too 😉 # community

Published by Maria Sharapova (@mariasharapova) Apr 3, 2020 at 3:14 PDT

True, it soon became clear: for technical reasons, only residents of the United States and Canada can write Mary. But the native of Nyagan promised to solve this problem soon. By the way, after her, the American Sloan Stevens took a similar step. She also published in the social networks her phone number.

One way or another, the Russian woman is really making efforts not to lose her solid army of fans after leaving tennis. For example, last week she chatted with them in a video chat. Initially, Mary took only 45 minutes to the conversation, but in the end, she talked with the fans for two hours and seemed to be impressed.

“The best two hours that can be in life! #TusovkaFamilySharapova * was accompanied by a sea of ​​laughter, tears, wine (I had tea, but next time I will not allow such a mistake). I didn’t expect anything less, ”Sharapova wrote.

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The best two hours I could have spent! #SharaFamilyHangout was full of laughs, tears, wine (tea for me but I won't make that mistake next time🤣) ... they were on 🔥🔥🔥 !! And I didn't expect anything less 😅

Posted by Maria Sharapova (@mariasharapova) Mar 26, 2020 at 5:30 PDT

"Please stay home."

In general, Mary is forced, like other people, to be at home. After announcing her retirement, she managed to play tennis with Hollywood actress Hilary Suank, and also won the culinary competition, paired with seven-time Grand Slam champion John McEnroe.

Further, only posts about self-isolation appeared on Sharapova’s social networks. Ex is the first racket of the world to strictly observe the rules of quarantine and asks his fans about the same. So, a Russian woman took part in the “Safe Hands” campaign. The athlete showed subscribers how to wash them.

This unexpectedly led to a small scandal. In the comments, some were unhappy that Maria did not turn off the tap when she soaped her hands and talked. The former tennis player was accused of wasteful spending of resources. The ex-athlete was justified by the fact that she had never washed her hands under the gun’s scope, and assured that in ordinary life she always turns off the tap in such situations.

Also, a Russian woman published an emotional post with words of support addressed to Italians, who were particularly severely affected by the coronavirus. According to her, she fell in love with this country, while still a little girl. She admitted that it was there that she conducted most of the training over the past year, and now considers Italy to be her second home.

“I ate too much pasta with Genovese pesto, made new friends and found a team that seriously influenced how I evaluate the quality of my work. I improved my driving skills (or worsened), as local taxi drivers responded with a bit of expressive gestures, ”Sharapova wrote on Instagram.

After the pandemic, she promised to come to the country to visit her friends who had appeared in her in different parts of Italy.

“While we are living through such uncertain times, let's do it with kindness, love and optimism - all those wonderful qualities that Italy shared with me. Please stay home, ”added Sharapova.

In the meantime, Mary can only follow her advice and enjoy the rest, even if forced. Suddenly free time she spends, for example, watching documentaries. So, in one of the posts, she called the touching picture “Ralph Lauren as it is” of 2019.

In addition, Sharapova takes small walks near the house and devotes a lot of time to cooking. Sharapova now basically has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and she even dedicated a separate post to her.

“Now at five o’clock, having uncorked a bottle of orange wine, we begin our cozy gatherings. Here mom masters Ottolengi recipes. Here in the last two weeks the dishwasher is turned on more often than during the previous two years. An open plan is the most important element of this room, it is ideal for having fun with the whole family. This makes me especially happy these days, ”said the tennis player who completed her career.

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Beach cove social distancing for a few minutes of fresh air and back for home cooked stuffed cabbage (one of my favorites 😋), a few too many dishwater loads 😅, and a touching 'Very Ralph' documentary. Please share your favorite movies / documentaries..🌤

Posted by Maria Sharapova (@mariasharapova) Mar 22, 2020 at 9:14 am PDT

However, even spending time in her own house and enjoying a long-awaited vacation, the Russian woman does not forget about her business. According to Sharapova, Sugarpova sweets continue to be bought, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“Sweets and snacks are 90% impulsive shopping. They are often bought when, for example, they go to the store during quarantine. You go for rice and take some sweets. Our sales have not fallen, it is encouraging. 70% of our retailers continue to work, because these are grocery stores. Our main failure is a network of stores located at airports. We are represented in almost 500 of their stores, and all of them were closed together with airports, ”Maria said in an interview with Kevin O'Leary on YouTube.