An online petition demanded not to resume Serie A matches, and to give the title to Atalanta, the city of Bergamo.

Bergamo is the Italian city most affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has killed more than 15 thousand people in the country, among more than 130 thousand infected. The city of Bergamo recorded 4,500 deaths, although its population does not exceed 120,000 people.

The petitioner demanded the Italian Serie A title be awarded to Atalanta, although the club was ranked fourth with 48 points, 15 points behind leaders Juventus, before the competition stopped a month ago due to the outbreak of Corona virus.

He justified this request with the distinguished career of the team during the past two years, and a greeting to the city of Bergamo, which is the "symbol of resilience in the face of Corona."

Atalanta achieved a remarkable career in the Italian league last season, and in the Champions League during this season, and qualified for the quarter-finals in his first participation in the continental competition.

Atalanta has never won the Italian League title throughout its history since 1907.