I met Yang Dong-geun, a retired man with many records, including the highest number of professional basketballs and the highest number of MVPs. The basketball diary I've written over the past 16 years has been a legendary foundation.

This is Kim Hyung-yeol, reporter.


[Lee Tae-sung (Last April): (Yang) Dong-geun told his brother that he was going to put his (winning ring) toe on it, but I think I should at least fill in ten fingers.]

[For (winner).]

Although not as strong as his juniors, Yang Dong-keun left the court as the only player who couldn't wear the champion ring in one hand.

[Yang Dong-geun / Hyundai Mobis retired: (winner) You haven't played as the main axis while wearing 6 rings. I think that is a great blessing.]

The basketball diary I wrote since my debut in 2004 was the foundation of growth until he was shorter than 180 centimeters, and he was not even from the prestigious basketball college, but he reached the top.

I wrote down everything I felt during training and games, and even a small mistake.

[Yang Dong-geun (Last 2016): (Mr. Mistake) in the diary). (Continues to reflect on it) But I'm trying to reduce the ups and downs.]

Even if the diary changes to a tablet PC instead of notes over the years, a word from the director,

[Yoo Jae-hak / Hyundai Mobis Director: It's so easy to defend (the other is us) because I'm standing on the line.

Did not miss.

I believed in sweat rather than talent and made many scenes.

It was because of the unique responsibility that there were many poisonous buzzers.

[Yang Dong-geun / Hyundai Mobis Retirement: (attack time) If there is really nothing to do when there are 3 seconds left, (God) ask me I'd rather cut my% (shoot success rate) if I shoot and miss a shot. Even if the team loses, let's make a decision so that I lose because of me.]

I took off my basketball shoes.

[Yang Dong-geun / Hyundai Mobis retired: (even with many difficulties) I did not endure well, and I really want to give (100) patience like this.]

Yang Dong-geun, now transforming into a leader, began to dream a new dream.

[Yang Dong-geun / Hyundai Mobis Retirement: I had a very good dream and I redesigned my life. I will try to make sure to fill it when I return to another form (the winning ring on the remaining finger).]

(Video coverage: Pan-Jeong Bae, Video editing: Byeong-Jik Kim)