Athletes emphasized that the reduction of the salaries of local and foreign players in the Arab Gulf Football League clubs can only be done by mutual consent, noting that this is due to the existence of binding contracts between them and their clubs, besides that there is no regulation in the Football Association stipulating permitting the reduction of salaries Unilateral players.

The football activity in the Emirates is currently stalled, since mid-March, due to the precautionary measures taken against the spread of the new Corona virus. The salaries of the players have become an important issue today, in light of the financial conditions that clubs may face due to the current conditions.

In an interview with Emirates Today, the athletes called on the players to respond to any friendly move to reduce their salaries, similar to what many players did with international clubs in the past period, and they advised, in turn, the clubs to include conditions in their players ’future contracts, taking into account the occurrence of Emergency matters and crises, as the world is currently facing because of "Covid 19".

It is noteworthy that the Football Association confirmed, after its board meeting, the day before yesterday, that no official decision to reduce the salaries of players was issued, and that he would not take any step in this direction except with the participation of clubs, and after the recommendations of the International Federation in this regard.

They stressed that mutual consent is the best way to reach consensual solutions between clubs and their players, given that the latter have many obligations with banks and others. The head of the Committee on the Status and Transfer of Former Players in the Football Association, Dr. Salim Al-Shamsi, revealed that "there is no text in the regulations of the Football Association related to reducing the salaries of players, as long as they have formal contracts", stressing that the contract is the law of the contractors, and no party has the right, Whether the union or others, imposing any restrictions on the players ’salaries, but rather the matter should be left to the friendly discussion.

Al Shamsi added: “I advise clubs to set conditions in their players’ contracts in the future, which include reducing a certain percentage of the salaries of players and coaches, which may reach 50%, for example in cases of disasters or crises, and even protect themselves in such circumstances. ”

Salim Al-Shamsi indicated that some players may take advantage of any salary cuts to break the contract and move to another club.

On the other hand, the former chairman of the board of the Kalba Union, Issa Al-Dhabahi, stressed that as long as the player has a binding contract with his club there is no provision that obliges the club, or any other party, to reduce his salary except with his consent.

He continued: "I encourage the players to respond to this matter in this exceptional circumstance, given that they are part of this community." For his part, the players ’agent, Mohamed Al-Attas, stressed that although there is a trend by the International Football Association to reduce the salaries of players in the world, given the exceptional difficult circumstance that the entire world is going through, there is currently no official decision obliged to reduce the salaries of players Noting that, "As an agent for some players, we have not received any official letters or letters from clubs where these players play on this issue."

Al-Attas added: “It is better for players to respond to any friendly initiative to reduce their salaries, given that even some companies have started to reduce the salaries of their employees because of this exceptional circumstance.”

In turn, the players ’agent, Khaled Al-Zarouni, confirmed that although the International Football Federation currently has meetings in this regard, the issue of reducing players’ salaries remains an internal affair between the player and his club.

He added: “The players have multiple financial obligations. For example, if the player’s salary is reduced and he has financial installments incurred by him with the banks, rent an apartment, or any other project, then the player will be affected because he arranged his affairs with these bodies based on the salary that He receives from his club.

The Football Association confirmed that no official decision has been issued in this regard, and that it is awaiting the recommendations of the International Federation.