J1 Cerezo Osaka Nagaishi is positive New Coronavirus April 1 19:03

Cerezo Osaka of Soccer J1 has announced that goalkeeper Takumi Nagaishi has been tested positive for the new coronavirus.

24-year-old Nagaishi had a fever and malaise of nearly 38 degrees on the 28th of last month, so he was tested positive for one day as a result of a new coronavirus test.

According to the club, Nagaishi had a meal with three friends in Osaka city last month on 22nd, but on 29th of last month, one of his friends told me he was positive for the new coronavirus test. That you have received

Currently, Nagaishi has no symptoms such as fever or cough, and has been waiting at home, and at the moment there is no one in the team complaining of poor physical condition.

In addition, Nagaishi has been practicing Cerezo for four days since last month's 24th, but during this time there was no contact with players from other clubs.

Nagaishi is a professional third year and has never played in J1.

Nagaishi commented through the club, "I'm in good shape. I'm really sorry that I didn't attend the dinner. I really hope that the infection hasn't spread to the team's players and stakeholders." I am.

At Cerezo, after closing the clubhouse and driving range, all activities of the club, including its infrastructure, have been suspended for one day and for the time being.

He also instructed players and staff to go out.