John Carlsson was seen early in the season as a given choice to win the Norris Trophy when he scored points for the Washington Capitals. But despite the fact that when the season closed down he had managed to score 75 points in 69 innings, the players have another back at the top of their list.

Victor Hedman, who scored 55 points in 66 games, received as much as 37.88 percent of the vote when the NHL players were asked the question in the players' union NHLPA's annual survey. However, John Carlson received the second most votes with 21.35 percent.

Even though Hedman and Carlson weren't the worst even, there was an even bigger gap between one and two when the players voted for the league's best striker. Connor McDavid received 68.35 percent of the vote, and Sidney Crosby finished 14.93.

41.55 percent of players consider Montreal Canadiens Carey Price to be the league's best goalkeeper.