(Combat New Crown Pneumonia) General Administration of Sports: Marathon and other sports events will not resume for the time being

China News Agency, Beijing, March 31. The General Office of the General Administration of Sport of China issued a notice on the evening of the 31st, stating that marathon and other sports events will not resume for the time being.

In this notice, the State General Administration of Sport stated that in order to implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of "foreign defense import and internal defense rebound", reduce the risks brought by the movement and gathering of people to the epidemic prevention and control, and effectively protect the people's lives and safety In good health, for a period of time in the future, crowd gathering activities such as marathons and sports events will not resume.

The notice also said that at the same time, it is necessary to continue to guide the masses to conduct scientific fitness and organize network events, and the General Administration of Sports will make timely adjustments according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

It is worth noting that in addition to the sports bureaus of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China, this notice was also sent to the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Basketball Association and various reform pilot project associations. Therefore, it has also been interpreted as the Chinese Super League, CBA League Other sports events will not resume. (Finish)