The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Para is postponed Mr. Mori "Daitamatai" March 30 18:39

Regarding the schedule of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which was postponed due to the effect of the new coronavirus, Chairman Mori of the Games Organizing Committee stated that "the opinions of both the Organizing Committee and the IOC have subsided," and the schedule will be decided early Revealed prospects.

The Tokyo Games will be postponed for about one year due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus, and the Organizing Committee will give priority to determining the schedule and securing a venue for implementation by the summer of next year. We are.

The Organizing Committee convened on March 30 in Tokyo, where Chairman Mori said, "We have to decide when we should begin the biggest issue for the time being. The schedule is a precondition for all coordination." Was.

The Organizing Committee and the IOC held a number of teleconferences last week, comparing the merits and demerits of the spring and summer events. And Bach will be contacting him again this week, "he said.

According to officials, the idea of ​​opening the Olympics on July 23 next year is likely to be the beginning of the Olympics, from the perspective of the end of the virus, securing the preparation period, and the period for selecting national athletes.

After that, the Board of Directors was held privately.After the press conference, Secretary-General Muto said at a press conference, but although no specific schedule was given at the Board of Directors' meeting, the attendees said, "I decided to make it easy for athletes to prepare with peace of mind. I want it. "