Disinfection at the Nagoya Stadium Locker Room, etc.Used by infected athletes March 30 12:50

Professional baseball In the middle of the month, Hanshin players infected with the new coronavirus participated in a two-army practice match at Nagoya Stadium in late this month, and mainly the locker rooms used by these players Was disinfected.

One of three Hanshin athletes infected with the new coronavirus participated in a training match between Chunichi and Hanshin held at Nagoya Stadium from 20 to 22 this month.

In response, the Nagoya Stadium was disinfected on the morning of the 30th, and three cleaners wearing protective clothing were used to remove alkalinity, mainly in the locker room and first base benches used by Hanshin players. I sprayed a fungicide and wiped it off.

It means that athletes will always perform disinfection work the next day they use the stadium for practice.

"We want to create an environment where players can practice with peace of mind as the spread of the new coronavirus continues," said Kazuo Hirata, deputy director of the stadium management company Nagoya Dome.

In addition, about two players who had a few minutes of conversation with infected Hanshin players during the middle day, they stayed at home until next month 5th, and 12 players and staff who had conversations for about tens of seconds I will be practicing staggered with other players until next month.