Buzova set Russia’s record for Instagram followers

Singer Olga Buzova was the first of the Russians to collect 20 million subscribers in her Instagram account. The ex-wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov was ahead of even the popular MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov in this indicator. The UFC champion is currently read by 19.4 million users. The ex-host of the reality show "Dom-2" and the king of the octagon are significantly ahead of the other stars of Russian show business and sports. For comparison, TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva has 15.1 million subscribers, hip-hop artist Timati - 14.9 million, actress Ksenia Borodina and comedian Pavel Volya - 14.1 million each.

The top also includes model Irina Shayk, whose activity on the social network is watched by almost 13.5 million people. Such figures - very solid for Russia - could make her ex-young man Cristiano Ronaldo laugh at the top of the world Instagram rating with 209 million followers. Even the current passion of the Portuguese football player Georgina Rodriguez has 17.1 million subscribers.

Following the Portuguese striker, singer Ariana Grande (179 million), actor Dwayne Johnson (177), pop singer Selena Gomez (171), model Kylie Jenner (168), socialite Kim Kardashian and football player Lionel Messi (146) settled down. That is, Russian giants Instagram is still very far from foreign indicators.

It is entirely possible that Buzova, and even Western celebrities, will once compete with the eldest daughter of football player Roman Shishkin. Beginning singer Margarita, who is only 8 years old, has already come up with her stage name MarGo, started an Instagram page and announced the release of her first single. He received the name "Superstar." Words and music for Shishkina were written by Vera Anufrieva. So far, Margarita has only 107 subscribers, but we have to start somewhere.

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Posted by MarGo (@margo_shishkina_star) on Mar 25, 2020 at 7:09 am PDT

Tarasov forced his ex-wife to enlarge her breasts

In an interview with Alyona Zhigalova’s Youtube channel, the Russian Instagram record holder Buzova admitted that Tarasov demanded that she increase her breasts. At some point, the singer succumbed to persuasion and almost lay down under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Refused this venture Buzova at the very last moment. Now she is happy with the final decision, although after the divorce she suffered from a large number of complexes.

“What stopped? The realization that I do not want to do this, that I love my breasts, that this will not return anything. It was just agony, I was in agony. I had a terrible hysteria then, which I experienced on my own, ”Buzova admitted.

By the way, Tarasov also appeared in the media space last week. The midfielder of Kazan Rubin, recovering from a broken leg, shocked the public with a gift to his new wife Anastasia Kostenko. On Sunday, the girl celebrated her 26th birthday and received an elite foreign car Porsche.

Kostenko posted the photo with her husband and car in her Instagram account. In the comments to the post, one of the users tried to blame Tarasov for making expensive presentations and at the same time not paying child support for the maintenance of his child from his first marriage with Oksana Ponomarenko.

“He put it off for a very long time, four years,” the athlete answered.

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Publication by ANASTASIA TARASOVA (@ kostenko.94) Mar 29, 2020 at 4:35 PDT

Lukashenko called the best remedy for coronavirus

Among other things, Tarasov is known as a person who is skeptical of the threat of the spread of coronavirus. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, one of the football player’s jokes on this topic even caused a small scandal. This time, Dmitry posted a picture with Alexei Miranchuk, wearing a respiratory mask. This circumstance gave Tarasov reason to suppose that the Lokomotiv player was panicking unnecessarily. The corresponding thought - only in a more rude form - he voiced in his favorite means of communication Instagram.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is not afraid of COVID-19 infection. After the next hockey match, in which the head of state’s team celebrated the victory with a score of 12: 3, he told the ONT journalist that even a pandemic was not able to stop him from going out on ice.

Lukashenko noted that “there are no viruses” at the rink. Therefore, in his opinion, playing hockey in the current conditions is completely safe. Then the president asked the interlocutor if she sees flying viruses. Having received a negative answer, Lukashenko continued: “This is a refrigerator, the best health. Better than sports, and especially ice ... This is a real antiviral medicine. ”

Comedians presented a new show about football

The farther the quarantine drags on, the more acutely football lovers feel the lack of a favorite sight. To make the fans less homesick, the actor of the show "Improvisation" Dmitry Pozov and the resident of "Stand Up on TNT" Roman Kositsyn launched the new sports channel Poz and Kos, where they conduct humorous discussions about football.

In one of the first issues, the hosts, along with guest star Azamat Musagaliev, called the players Kirill Panchenko, Vladimir Obukhov and Nail Umyarov to learn about the features of training during quarantine. After that, comedians dialed the number of commentator Dmitry Shnyakin. He talked about working conditions on TV when sporting events were suspended.

“The idea to start your own channel on Youtube appeared quite a while ago. We tested the formats, tried and finally started. And as soon as we launched the football show - all of the football stopped, we hope that after all it’s not because of us, ”said Kositsyn.

Slutsky compared himself with a member of the group Little Big

So far, not a single week is complete without the self-ironic posts of Slutsky on Instagram. The main opponent of the battle trainer for memes in social networks Artyom Dziuba often trolls a mentor about excess weight. Now Slutsky himself decided to beat this topic, simultaneously responding to the work of the trend group Little Big.

In his account, he posted an excerpt from the acclaimed music video for the song Uno. As you know, Little Big planned to perform at Eurovision with this composition. However, the contest was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Slutsky's attention was drawn to the most obese member of the punk pop rave band. “While the pause in the championship, I decided to participate in Eurovision. Will you find me in this video? (it’s very easy), ”the football mentor signed his post.

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Posted by Leonid Slutsky 🇷🇺 (@ leonid.slutsky) Mar 22, 2020 at 11:51 PDT

Presenting their video in the middle of this month, Little Big launched the #unovisionchallenge flash mob, which involves repeating the characteristic movements of the group members. After the cancellation of Eurovision, the team leader Ilya Prusikin launched a new flash mob with the hashtag #corUNOvirus. This initiative was supported by the Omsk “Vanguard”. The creative specialists of this club, which flew out of the KHL playoffs even before the suspension of the Gagarin Cup, presented their own version of the video for the song Uno.

💬 Let #CorUNOvirus continue despite the coronavirus! © @prusikin_iliya (@littlebig_band)

NO MORE WORDS! We take #UnoVisionChallenge to a new level - don’t panic, we monitor our health and dance тан # LittleBigpic.twitter.com / ACj78tAlwy

- HC Vanguard (@hcavangardomsk) March 24, 2020

Bodybuilder could not marry a sex doll because of coronavirus

Previously, few could have imagined that the attention of fans of the entire planet in the spring of 2020 will be riveted to the championship of Belarus. This is one of the few leagues that continue to hold matches as if nothing had happened. The Belarusian championship found its viewer even in distant Australia.

Local fans have already announced the establishment of a Slutsk fan club. This team from a 100,000th town 100 km south of Minsk attracted football fans from the other side of the globe thanks to the consonance with the English word meaning a woman of easy virtue. Happy Australians post memes in which they beat the topic, and prepared templates for the merch.

In turn, the legendary tennis player Billy Jean King boasted a simulator for training at home. In addition, in her Twitter account, she demonstrated how she plays the piano.

“Art will help us get through all this. How I love my piano. What do you do when you stay at home? ” - A 76-year-old ex-athlete signed the post.

The arts will get us through this. How i love my piano.

What have you been doing to stay busy at home? pic.twitter.com/4XaAy6tuFH

- Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) March 29, 2020

But bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko from Kazakhstan frankly will not envy. He had to cancel the intended marriage with a silicone doll Margo. The coronavirus is also to blame for the failure of an unusual wedding.

“Friends, the wedding is being rescheduled. Due to quarantine. As soon as quarantine is lifted, we will play a wedding within a few days. In general, we are determined, the mood is excellent, ”wrote the original on his Instagram.

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Publication by OddJak / Yuri Tolochko (@yurii_tolochko) Mar 26, 2020 at 5:07 PDT

Teenage wrestler detains adult criminal

While many adults are panicking, a 16-year-old wrestler from the USA, Canaan Bauer, has shown himself to be a real example of composure. Despite his young age, he already has significant success on the carpet. Excellent training allowed him to neutralize the offender. His mother’s feat on Facebook was told by his mother, Kara Garrett Bauer.

On Saturday morning, the guy heard screams at a gas station in Las Cruces, New Mexico. An unknown man attacked a woman getting off the bus and tried to kidnap her two young children.

“This man went into the gas station building. He was completely uncontrollable. He began to beat people, made a bloody mess. The gas station employees wanted to stop him - they beat him with a broom, threw various objects at him. But they didn’t succeed, ”said Bauer.

Then came to the rescue of Haanan. He fearlessly entered into battle with the madman, made a throw and twisted the attacker. Before the police arrived, a brave teenager held an adult man, not allowing him to escape. The athlete’s mother is convinced that he not only protected the children, but also saved many lives.

UFC head Dana White has already responded to the incident. The promoter announced his desire to talk with Bauer after normalizing the situation with coronavirus.

Hey Canaan Bower u are AWESOME !!! When this Twilight Zone episode is over i would love to meet u https://t.co/voixXpFTxE

- Dana White (@danawhite) March 29, 2020