Siegfried Mazet was the man behind Martin Fourcade's success and made a controversial move to Norway a couple of years ago. The past season has been a Norwegian-French settlement on the men's side and the overall World Cup was not decided until the last race, the hunting start in Kontiolahti, where Martin Fourcade won and set an almost perfect point for his career.

Norwegian sovereign Johannes Thingnes Bö, who missed four shots, turned four and secured the overall World Cup by two points ahead of Fourcade, which did not get a Hollywood finish.

There is no doubt that Mazet made a big impression at Mäkäräinen, which glanced at the Norwegian successes directed by the French.

"Is there magic in that man"

- There must be some magic in that coach. It had been fascinating to be trained by the best biathlon coach for a year and see what I would have achieved, says Mäkäräinen to Finnish Helsingin Sanomat.

Immediately after the last race and tears after the announcement that his career was over, Mäkäräinen told us that the decision was taken late.

"It was not planned to make the decision this week," she told SVT Sport.

With distance to his departure, Mäkäräinen, who is second through the women's era with 85 world cups after Magdalena Forsberg who has 87, cannot help but think about what could have happened.

- If Mazet had become a coach in Finland, my career would have continued. Mazet had a huge impact on the Norwegian men's team, thinks Mäkäräinen.

CLIP: Mäkäräinen in tears after the last race of his career (14 March 2020)

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Mäkäräinen in tears - the hunt start became the last of the career Photo: SVT