The Al-Nasr midfielder, Stephen Pavis, defended the Arab Gulf Football League, and said: “It is a strong competition, contrary to what the sports street believes in Chile, and that he personally was surprised by the strong level of the competition after moving to (Brigadier) rows,” stressing that the level of clubs High, and that there are good players, indicating at the same time that he is still following all the matches of his former team, Colo Colo, despite the time difference.

"The Arab Gulf League is very competitive, contrary to what people think about it in Chile," Pavez said in statements to the Chilean newspaper "Dali Albo" yesterday. He added: "There is always talk in my country about the UAE league being less competitive, for me, I want them to They watch one game in order to make sure that their impression in their minds is incorrect. ”

The player, who culminated with the "Dean" in the Arab Gulf Cup title, explained that he also had the same impression, and said: "I thought that there was no competition between the clubs, and there are no good players, but this is not true, because after I got here I found "Good players from the citizens, just as foreign players make the difference."

The Dean player indicated that he and all his fellow players on the team perform group exercises through virtual reality, and said: “The league has been suspended since the middle of this month. Days without training have passed before we follow a new way to perform training sessions at home. The technical staff sends We have videos every day via the WhatsApp app, and it also requires us to pay attention to the quality of food. ”

The player of the "dean" praised the health measures taken by the state in the face of the Corona epidemic, and said: "Everything is practically closed here in the Emirates, starting from schools and shopping centers, currently only pharmacies and food shopping centers and some jobs only are allowed to work."