Dubai Sports Council announced that the initiative "Keep you active ... and keep you healthy" reached 1.3 million followers from inside and outside the country, through various social media during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, a period that coincided with staying at home.

The council said in a statement that the participants in the initiative published more than 3,800 photos and videos during which they recorded their various home exercises using simple home tools to perform the exercises, and the participants mastered in creating new and various sports exercises to suit the home area and the training place, so that the initiative turns into a challenge in which the participants compete with Between them to provide the most innovative and varied exercises.

Sports halls, official training centers and professional fitness trainers also continued to offer their training programs on a daily basis without interruption and at specific times for the public to follow, which is broadcast directly for long hours throughout the week through social media, in which home fitness training is provided and hundreds of interact with them Followers continuously.

The Council emphasized that the initiative motivated many individuals and specialized trainers to form remote training groups for their followers and friends, and among the influencers in social media is Macro Chilaki, fitness trainer and director of the group on Fit On Click Emirates Sports, who interacted with the initiative and broadcast daily free lessons from The house through its official channel on social media, in which he provided innovative physical training on the famous Macarena music, which hundreds of followers interacted with, and Macro expressed his happiness to participate in the initiative and said: "I thank the Dubai Sports Council for this initiative For the wonderful that makes staying at home fun times, and it's amazing to offer something useful to society during this difficult period of quarantine, these online lessons are the best way to make everyone active and happy during their time at home. "

The categories of followers varied between men and women, where the proportion of men following the initiative reached 79.4%, while the proportion of women following the initiative reached 20.4%, and the majority of the followers were young people from 25 to 34 years, when they accounted for 54.2% of the followers, and the proportion of young people following the age of 18 reached To 24 to 25%, and the remaining 18.8% of the followers were distributed among children and adults between 35 to 65 years. The category of participants in the initiative also included people of determination.

The percentage of followers from the Arabs reached 55.1%, and the followers were English-speaking 41.6%, and among the followers were speakers of Italian, Croatian and Russian.

The initiative encourages various groups of society to continue sports and physical activity exercises at home during the current period to maintain a healthy body and strengthen blood circulation and the immune system, as it aims to urge the public from all groups of society to stay at home in response to the directions of good leadership to protect the public and prevent the spreading epidemic ,

The public can participate in the initiative "Be active… and keep you healthy" by publishing videos of their training from home through their accounts on social media by implementing simple physical exercises that suit all groups and physical levels using tools and equipment available at home, no matter how simple, without the need To exit, in order to preserve the health, activity and happiness of all members of the community, participants must use the #DSCChallenge Dubai Sports Council Challenge tag, and refer to the @dubaisc Council account in the text. Participants can also nominate two of their friends to participate in the challenge, so that Dubai Sports Council Re The video was published on his official account.