Tokyo Olympics / Para `` Schedule will be concluded next week '' Organizing Committee Chairman Mori March 28 19:17

Regarding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which were postponed for about one year due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus, Mori, chairman of the Games Organizing Committee, said on Tuesday, a program released on the 28th, He said he wanted to come to a conclusion.

The Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be postponed for about one year on the 24th of this month due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus, and the Organizing Committee will determine the schedule and venue for the next summer. We are working on securing the highest priority.

Under such circumstances, Chairman Mori of the Organizing Committee, on a commercial broadcast program on Tuesday, described the schedule of the tournament as "Please make the preparation period as long as possible. Since it is summer, it can be considered between June and September. Isn't it? "
He said, "I'd like to come to some conclusion next week," and said she wanted to make a date decision as soon as possible.

Regarding the tournament schedule, IOC = President of the International Olympic Committee Bach said on Wednesday that he would like to "fix a specific schedule within the next three weeks", and international sports groups considered the heat. Some opinions have been expressed, such as a spring held in the summer and an early summer held to avoid the effects of the typhoon.