On Saturday, Åsa Llinares Norlin visited the Weekend Studio program and talked about how the parasport is affected by the message that Paralympics is postponed.

She says that she was disappointed with the decision, but emphasized that she also thinks it is right to postpone the championship.

The decision will have major consequences for the Paralympics.

- We have no one who is fully committed but many combine their sport with work and finding sponsors. For many, it is very tough to think "shall I do this for another year?".

- They have to wonder if they have the motivation to continue and the financial resources to do so. It will be tough for many to think about how to get this, says Llinares Norlin.

"The only shop window we have"

How big is the risk that this will mean the end of several Paralympics' careers?

- I think that risk is huge, I think.

Åsa Llinares Norlin also says that Paralympics, as the display window, is extremely important for the sports.

- In other sports, there are many other arenas where you can show up for a year, but for parasports athletes this is the only shop window we have. For example, an athletics para world championship goes unnoticed so it becomes extra important with Paralympics to be seen and reach out to more.

So for many Parasympics is the Paralympics crucial?

- Absolutely, that's it.