Nowadays, home training, which is a workout at home as the number of self-isolators, increases. Sports stars are also sweating at home in a variety of creative ways.

This is Kim Hyung-yeol.


More than 20 Bayern Munich players logged in via group video calls from their homes,

[Thomas Muller / Munich striker: All gathered.]

Start exercising under the direction of the trainer.

[It's a 5 minute bike ride.]

Munich players meet on the screen and sweat together after entering self-isolation.

[Now it's a mat exercise.]

With word of mouth, he joined the old fellow who had transferred.

[Sweinsteiner / Former Munich midfielder: Müller seems to be not working hard.]

[Wilfred Bonnie / Al Ittihad forward: Stay safe. This is also possible without a gym.]

No problem without a professional trainer or equipment.

A large bottle of water or a large bottle of wine is used as a weight device, and a dishwashing detergent is poured into the bathtub to replace the treadmill.

From ironing boards to chairs, tables and ladders, everything becomes exercise equipment.

[Morgan Heard / American gymnastics representative: I usually do this by lifting weights, but I don't have any equipment in the house.

Carry a cat and a goat on your back to build strength, or use a dog as a training partner to do a variety of exercises.

Above all, being with your family is the best thing about home training.

From Tonga players with great muscles in the Winter Olympics to Kenya's marathon world champions.

Players from all over the world are sweating at home, hoping for the end of Corona19.

(Video editing: Young Taek Oh)