Wu Lei issued a statement to dispel rumors.

Chinanews.com client on March 26. A media wrote on the evening of the 25th that Chinese player Wu Lei, who plays for the Spanish club, had the latest test for the new crown virus, and the results have turned negative. But then Wu Lei's team issued a statement to dispel rumors, Wu Lei also updated the latest weekly diary. The difference is that this week's diary was written by Wu Lei's wife, telling her journey since she followed Wu Lei's stay abroad.

"Wu Lei's official Weibo" released an announcement saying that recently, a series of Wu Lei new crown virus infections related to the so-called Spanish media broke out online, including relevant diagnosis time, symptoms, rehabilitation process, and recent negative test results. Neither is true.

Wu Lei is currently in good condition, but is still in the isolation treatment stage and has not been tested again.

All news is subject to official channels. We will also make further updates on my health as soon as possible, thank you for your attention.

Wu Lei updated the weekly diary.

At the same time, Wu Lei updated the weekly diary. At the beginning of the weekly diary, Wu Lei said, "Today ’s diary is very special, because it was written by my wife. The reason is that she sent a circle of friends on Monday, roughly meaning thank you. After I was diagnosed, I cared about our relatives and friends. When I saw it, I felt sour. After dinner, I asked her if it was hard to accompany me here this year. She smiled. I said, either you should I realized that after writing, I could send a weekly diary, she did not answer. I received the following text from her before going to bed. "

In a subsequent article, Wu Lei's wife described her and Wu Lei's experiences over the past year since Wu Lei confirmed the transfer. The full text is as follows:

After confirming the transfer, I first went to Dubai to meet him. At that time, he hadn't returned home for several months. Then I went from Dubai to Barcelona. I wanted to take a look at renting houses. Later, his national team came over to join me. Convergence. At that time we were staying in the hotel every day and worrying about eating every day.

At that time, I did n’t know the language and the environment was unfamiliar. After staying for almost a month, I finally rented a room and went to IKEA to set up furniture. I thought of everything to settle down and the family came together to reunite. Later, my visa expired and I had to Going back, he stayed here for more than a month alone, after the family visa was obtained in the country, we came together on 4.5, settled here, and the children went to school.

Data map: Wu Lei. Image source: Sipaphoto's copyright works are prohibited from reprinting

During the summer vacation, we all went home for vacation. At the end of June, the two of us returned to Barcelona together. The children spent the summer vacation in China. The two months were the hardest time for me. They concentrated on training for more than half a month. I was at home at that time. Probably when I was so big and suffering, the whole person was very closed, facing unfamiliar environment and language, I did n’t want to go out at home, I did n’t want to talk or make friends, but I finally waited until he came back, and I ’m fine Many, thankfully I met a few friends here, and they really helped me a lot.

In the middle of this period we slowly adapted to life here, and everything was on track. Later in September, he started to report to the national team basically every month. I had to take the two of them here, pick up and drop off, buy food and cook. I was really busy at that time. Sometimes, when I buy too much stuff in the supermarket, I would cry especially when I was walking home. I do n’t know if it ’s too heavy or inexplicable, and it ’s especially easy to shed tears when I become a mother. When I sleep with them every afternoon, I am alone, and I must cherish it.

Because the rented house was far away from the school before, we moved to a house in the city temporarily, but it was small but warm. It took us a long time to move things in, little by little, big and small. He finally moved out before he reported to the national team. I still remember that when the washing machine was not moved, I had to wash the children's clothes by hand every day, and then on the weekend, I took the clothes to my hometown to wash them. Now I wonder how I persisted.

Data map: Wu Lei. Picture source: Osports All Sports Pictures

I still remember that as long as I was back in Shanghai last year, I was particularly excited, and I would be particularly lost when I walked from Shanghai. I wanted to cry. After I got used to the life here, I gradually no longer felt that way.

Do you want to give up when you encounter difficulties? I must have. When we think about so many difficulties, we have overcome why we give up. Hayao Miyazaki said in Spirited Away, no matter how hard the road ahead, As long as you go in the right direction, no matter how rough it is, you are closer to happiness than standing there.

After his symptoms, our family was ready to be separated. When moving things to another place for isolation, we gave each other a hug and hug ourselves. In addition, I want to say that I have worked hard for my babies. From the moment I just came to an unfamiliar environment, I couldn't understand Spanish. Now I am fluent in communicating with my classmates. My parents are really pleased. Thanks for these experiences, we make our lives more transparent.

Data map: Wu Lei celebrates in the game.

The above is the original text she wrote. The reason I share it with everyone is that I want everyone to know that I have such a good wife. Maybe for you, the year I saw was the various records I left on the football field, appearances, assists, goals. Behind these figures, for me, it is the silent contribution of family members.

I believe that every ordinary family will feel the same as me. Originally this week I just wanted to write something to thank everyone, but now, I want to ask everyone to allow me, first of all, to thank the most important people in my life. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. Thank you also for this special period, everyone who contributed to the small family and everyone, what we have experienced is truly ordinary and great!

After missing out on new crown pneumonia, Wu Lei posted a video introducing her situation through personal social media.

On March 21, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association confirmed that Wu Lei, a member of the Chinese men's national football team who played in the Spanish La Liga club, was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia.

After being diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, Chinese player Wu Lei introduced his current situation through a video. He said that he was currently being isolated at home, his mental state was very good, his symptoms had basically disappeared, and a series of tests showed very good results. At the same time, Wu Lei also thanked everyone for their care and blessing, and hoped that everyone would pay attention to the new crown virus. (Finish)