Screenshots of foreign media reports. Client, Beijing, March 26 (Xing Rui) An outbreak has paralyzed the entire European football scene. Players who are usually busy training games finally ushered in a rare "holiday". Originally thinking that the house can walk cats and dogs, and show off the "clogged" cooking skills by the way, but I did not expect that some club coaching teams even arranged homework for the players.

According to foreign media reports, in order to prevent players from staying at home to "fly themselves", the physical coach of the Real Madrid club of La Liga giants has developed a special period of training plans for each player. At the same time, the coach also requires them to maintain close contact with the club so that the team can keep up with their movements at any time.

The training plan includes three parts: physical fitness, diet and mental health. It is reported that players will be required to wear specific vests, and the data recorded on the vests will be transmitted to Real Madrid's coaching team for the purpose of tracking player training. The fitness coach will also update the training content in a timely manner according to each person's situation .

Real Madrid players in isolation.

In terms of diet, players need to ensure that they consume enough protein, vitamins and calories every day. They were asked to prepare a fat meter at home, regularly test body fat and inform the team of the results. The Real Madrid coaching staff does not want to see any player overweight after the isolation.

In addition, the club issued a warning to the players: "We are isolated, not on vacation."

Do you feel familiar with this series of operations? Previously, due to the impact of the epidemic, domestic schools have postponed the start of spring. However, under the general background of "suspended classes, students have felt the fear of being dominated by online courses." But no one expected that today's European football stars have not escaped the fate of checking in and doing their homework.

Seeing this scene, netizens who eat melon all said: If Zidane broadcast live, go and brush him a rocket!

However, at present Real Madrid's training classes are handled by physical fitness coaches, and "Qi Zu" will not open wheat for the time being. However, the Bundesliga team Bayern did several online "online lessons". And they firmly grasped the essence of the net lesson. Head coach Frick and fitness coaches appeared on the live broadcast to guide player training.

In the video released by Bayern's official social media, we can also see the familiar "Dance of Chaos". All the players appeared on the screen at the same time. They performed various actions under the supervision of the coach. Although there was less face-to-face interaction, no one dared to be lazy, forced by the coach's "legitimate power".

Bayern online training class.

Judging from the current situation, the "e-learning" effect is pretty good. Coach Frick said of this "cloud training" model: "It's important that we keep communicating every day. All players participate in training."

Bayern is also prepared for possible extended isolation in the future. Frick said: "We have a plan for working from home. We are prepared for all possible situations and new tasks in the context of continuous change. Ready. We must accept these, just like everyone else in our country. "

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Europe, all five major leagues have stalled. In order to keep players competitive, major clubs have also painstakingly introduced a series of plans. But as a football player, self-discipline is a reflection of professionalism. In other words, even if the team does not have a unified online organization, daily training is still essential. (Finish)