▲ Yoo Seung-min, co-chairman of the Busan World Table Tennis Organizing Committee at a press conference related to Corona 19

Corona 19's worldwide expansion eventually delayed the Olympics for the first time. Athletes who were sweating only watching the 'dream stage' of the Olympics responded, "I was expecting a performance, but it was delayed because it was delayed." The Olympic Olympic gold medalist Yoo Seung-min, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said, "Crisis is another opportunity."

-The Tokyo Olympics has been postponed. How did you feel when you heard the acting news?
"The Corona 19 is a bad news that no one expected. I am grateful that the IOC made a quick decision by reflecting the players' position in the bad news. It feels strange. It's my first experience. I think they will do more. I think players should quickly regain coolness and prepare according to the changed plan. "

-I know that I listened to various opinions of players as a player committee.
"I've heard a lot of voices. Foreign players have raised their voices about acting in the Olympics. Some of our players said that we should act, while many of them prepared for the cycle just by watching the Olympics. There were some players who said that it would be better to do it in July as expected, so I approached it carefully, but in the postponed situation, I think it is imperative that they prepare for their cycles quickly. "
-It is expected that there will be a lot of changes as it is postponed for one year.
"I went to Jincheon Athlete's Village yesterday (24th) and had a round-table meeting. I complained of a lot of difficulties in the sports with weight. Representatively, wrestling, judo, boxing, etc. Some athletes thought about the Olympics last time and prepared themselves to match their body, but if it was postponed for a year, there is a part that needs to be re-established. It is a part that is sympathetic enough. The guidelines for each event should be released as soon as possible. At present, the Olympic Qualifiers and related events have been postponed or canceled. It is important that the schedule is quickly set to minimize the confusion of players and create an atmosphere to focus on. ”

-Some sports have been confirmed to have the right to participate in the Olympic Games, while others have not yet been confirmed.
"As far as I know, I know that the event where the right to play is confirmed is guaranteed. The talk about this part came out yesterday (24th), too. Players who have won the right to play will be ready for next year. Unsuccessful athletes have to go to the competition from now on, and there were opinions that it wasn't fair during the preparation period, so it was my first time, so I couldn't give a clear answer. I think I will decide the line. "

-If you ask questions by mentioning the fairness issue, it seems that players with age limitations such as soccer can also avoid players.
"It came out of that question at the meeting of Chairman Bach and the players. Football is hoping that the policy will be flexibly reflected in the FIFA FIFA. Actually, there will be no big talk about what will happen after the postponement." There were many discussions such as 'Should I act,' 'If and when,' and 'When should I decide.'
Of course, most of the players were listening to the voices of players from all over the country, so there was a lot of mention about these issues including age. One thing to note is that I know that the name of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is going on. In the end, I expect that the standards opened in 2020 will be reflected even in 2021. I'm thinking about a concrete plan through future meetings. "
-When do you expect the Olympics to be held as an IOC athlete?
"I think the best time for anyone to do is when the weather is good. IOC is expected to make a quick decision on this part. Then the continental and federation qualifier schedule will be decided. I think the league will be busy in the second half. I have to finish all the preliminary rounds from the delayed competition.

-As an Olympic gold medalist and an Olympic senior, do you have any recommendations to junior athletes?
"I think the crisis is another opportunity. The athletes have long-term, medium-term, and short-term plans as they prepare for the Olympics. In fact, they are in the short-term stage, so it is a time when athletes are highly focused. In this case, the more you need to maintain the unshakable coolness, I would like to ask you to make every effort to prepare for the Olympic stage that you have dreamed of.

(Photo = Yonhap News, Getty Image Korea)