The end of the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre’s Derby match witnessed a fight between the players of Internacional and Puerto Alegre, which led to the dismissal of 4 players from each team during their matches in the Copa Libertadores South American Football Cup, which ended in a draw.

Argentine referee Fernando Rapallini expelled Pepe and Costa Costa from Porto Alegre, Adenelson and Barbosa from Internacional in the 88th and 89th minutes after clashes between the two teams' players.

But things soon evolved after that, and the reserve players participated in the two teams, so the referee expelled Miranda and Henrique from Gremio, Cuesta and Consessao Praxidis from Internacional in the 90th, 5 and 90 + 7 minutes.

One of the most hostile domestic matches in Brazil is the "Porto Alegre" derby called "Grignal".

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Não há clássico de Porto Alegre sem isto ...
8 expulsões no primeiro Gre-Nal da Copa Libertadores.

- PMCC (@ PMCC04) March 13, 2020