The sensational story of the players Pavel Mamaev, Alexander Kokorin, his younger brother Kirill, as well as their friend, children's coach Alexander Protasovitsky ended at the end of last year, when all four convicted for hooliganism and beatings were released. However, for several months the work of lawyers who defended their interests did not stop. On March 13, it became known that the court will consider the appeal on the verdict to Kokorin and Mamaev on April 20.

Even after the guilty verdict issued in May 2019, the lawyers of the Sochi striker and the Rostov midfielder noted his injustice and announced their intention to appeal it to higher instances. In particular, the persons involved in the case were charged with preliminary conspiracy, which is an aggravating circumstance. They also argued that the decision of the court was largely influenced by public opinion.

Now the defense side intends to appeal its legality. So, according to Igor Bushmanov, who defends the interests of Mamayev, it follows from the verdict that the driver of the leading First Channel, Olga Ushakova, Vitaly Solovchuk, suffered the same injuries by all the persons involved in the case. In addition, the court did not take into account the video recording from the CCTV camera, on which it was recorded that he provoked the players and their friends, and also did not give a proper assessment of the arguments about the absence of hooligan motives.

“Mamaev did not commit hooliganism, and at the time of the blows to Denis Pak, including a chair, he was at least three meters from the victim,” TASS quoted Bushmanov as saying.

The relevant complaints were submitted to the second court of cassation of general jurisdiction, which decided to consider them at the relevant meeting, which will be held on April 20 at 10:00 Moscow time.

The words of Bushmanov were confirmed by the lawyer of Kokorin Sr. Tatyana Stukalova. She added that similar statements followed from the lawyers of the other convicts - Vyacheslav Barik and Tatyana Prilipko.

“You know, we already have in our hands a decree of the second constitutional instance that the defense’s arguments deserve attention. Of course, we do not expect full justification, but we hope for a retraining. We consider that in actions of children there was no 213th article "Hooliganism", - the site of the TV channel 360 quotes Stukalova.

It is worth noting that the lawyer has previously expressed bewilderment as to why the players received such a verdict. She talked about the presence of another video that could affect what happened. On it, Pak and Kokorin allegedly shake hands after the conflict. However, the record was not known to the general public, and the official himself, as you know, turned to law enforcement agencies.

“Why did he decide to go and report to the police, why they didn’t stop at the fact that this brawl happened, they quarreled. No broken bones, no abrasions, no bruises, nothing. Why did this happen - I can not answer this question. This is a disproportionate punishment in relation to these actions, ”said Stukalova in an interview with the Krasava Youtube channel.

Recall that on October 8, 2018, the brothers Kokorins, Mamaev and Protasovitsky took part in two brawls in the center of Moscow. First, they quarreled with Solovchuk in the parking lot near the club, and then - the head of the department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Pak and the general director of FSUE “NAMI” Sergey Gaysin in the cafe “Coffeemania”. They were injured.

A few days later, young people were detained on suspicion of hooliganism and causing slight bodily harm. The Presnensky court issued a guilty verdict and sentenced the Kokorins to one and a half years, and Mamaev and Protasovitsky to one and five months in a general regime colony. The defense side tried to appeal this decision, but the Moscow City Court recognized it as legal.

Due to the fact that the defendants were awaiting a sentence in a pre-trial detention center, they were supposed to be released at the end of 2019. However, the court granted the petition of the players for parole, and they left the prison in September.

Kokorin continued his career at Zenit. In February, he moved to Sochi on loan and in early March scored his first goal in the Russian Premier League (RPL) after his release. A few days later, Mamaev followed his example, joining Rostov as a free agent.

In a recent interview, Kokorin also expressed confidence that the conviction was unfair.

“At a confrontation, I immediately went to Pak, saying:“ Are you really still angry with us? Do you want all these trials to take place, drag everyone around, hire lawyers? Can't we solve the problem ourselves? ” This does not mean that we were scared, we just want to resolve the issue, if possible. He was silent, the lawyer told him not to answer anything, the court will sort it out, ”Kokorin said.