Basketball Men's B League resumed with no spectators from 14th March 12 1:06

Basketball men's B-League had postponed all games in B1 and B2 from last month's 28th due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but hopes to resume the game from 14th this month without any spectators. I decided.

The B-League has postponed 99 games, including all B1 and B2 games that were scheduled to be played from 28th to 11th of last month, and aims to resume on 14th of this month.

The B League chairman Masaaki Okawa has held a press conference on November 11 and announced that it will hold 131 matches of B1 and B2 from 14th of this month to 1st of next month without any audience.

For games starting on the 1st of next month, we will re-examine the game as the time approaches.

In addition, the postponed match will be transferred from the middle of next month to the beginning of May, and the schedule of the “Championship” to decide the winning team by competing with the top 8 teams will be shortened.

While professional baseball and the J-League postponed the opening of the season and the resumption of the official game, and Senbatsu High School Baseball was canceled, the reason for the resumption of the B-League was explained by Taiga Chairman. Compared to the B league, which is approaching the end of the season, it cannot be postponed any more.Unlike amateur high school baseball, which is part of club activities, the professional league B league It's like stopping business, so I guess the criteria will be different. "

After that, "We will play games with due consideration for preventing infection of players and staff, even if we can not enter the audience. We want to encourage fans to watch basketball games on TV etc. "