The lawyer of the former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho announced that his client was not aware that the passport he was carrying was forged, calling on the Paraguayan authorities to release him.

Ronaldinho spent the best player in the world twice and his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira, who is being held with him, their third night behind bars in the capital Asuncion the day before yesterday, after they were arrested for using fake travel documents to enter the country.

Their lawyer, Sergio Kirosh, confirmed that he would request the release of his clients and allow them to return to their country when they appeared before the judge.

"Ronaldinho did not commit a crime, because he did not know that the passport he was given was fake," he said.

He added, "The representatives of the Public Prosecution Office agreed that the player acted in good faith and that the judge's decision regarding his arrest warrant was not justified."

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto were arrested last Friday, and released after initial investigations that continued for seven hours, and the Brazilian star came out without making any statement before a large number of journalists.

However, things turned upside down when the prosecution confirmed two hours later, in a tweet via Twitter, that "the public prosecutor issued an arrest warrant and accused the player Ronaldinho of using a false ID, and demanded that he be placed in pretrial detention."

A Brazilian court had denied Ronaldinho his passport at the end of 2018, for not paying a $ 2.5 million fine against the backdrop of building a sidewalk without permission on the edge of a lake in a protected area in Porto Alegre (south), according to local media.