Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona visited his Brazilian counterpart Ronaldinho, who was detained with his brother Roberto in Paraguay, on charges of entering the country with false travel documents, and demanded that he show "strength" and that: "the truth always appears."

This came by putting Argentine Maradona on his account on the social networking site "Instagram" for a photo that he combined with Ronaldinho, accompanied by encouraging phrases that also said: "Be strong, my friend Ronaldinho, the truth always appears, a warm hug, hero."

The Brazilian Ronaldinho and his brother had been subjected to marital residence in the hotel where they stayed near Asuncion, the Paraguayan capital, after the Paraguayan Public Prosecution confirmed that Ronaldinho and Roberto will undergo investigations because they entered the country last Thursday with two passports and two forged ID cards, after coming from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo with a view Promoting the free medical aid program for a charity, and offering Ronaldinho his book "The Genius of Life", which necessitated the arrest of a third person gently until the end of the investigations.