"The Tokyo Olympics will not be canceled or postponed by the board"

Despite concerns about the impact of the new coronavirus on the Tokyo Olympics, IOC President Bach of the International Olympic Committee held a meeting after the board meeting and said, "There was no word to cancel or postpone the Games." , And emphasized the attitude of holding it as scheduled.

On October 4, IOC President Bach held a press conference after a two-day board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Among them, regarding the Tokyo Olympics, which is concerned about the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus, "The board did not say that the Games were canceled or postponed. Of course, we will deal with the rising issues because of the responsible organization, I have not done any extraordinary speculation. "

He explained that last week's meeting with WHO Secretary-General Tedros of the World Health Organization and WHO's cooperation and advice in a specially formed working team helped.

On this day, the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Games reported on the status of the measures in a video conference, saying, "A list of many cases was presented. The Organizing Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Japanese government worked closely together. I was confident that I was making responsible decisions with good preparation. "

At the conference, media from various countries attended, and questions about the deadlines and conditions to decide whether to cancel or postpone the meeting were repeated, but Mr. Bach repeatedly replied `` I will not lubricate the speculative fire '' I avoided.