VAR removal and rescue in the end

In the opening match of the tour, Wings of the Soviets and Orenburg fought for survival.

The game turned out to be eventful. Already in the middle of the first half, the referee Vitaly Meshkov awarded a penalty to the guests and removed Srjan Miyailovich after watching the replay from the VAR system. However, a strike by George Despotovich from the penalty spot was reflected by his former teammate Evgeny Frolov, who played for the Orenburgers last season

And just before the break, another ex-Orenburg player in the Samara team reminded himself: Denis Popovich finished the ball into the net from close range. However, the hosts failed to keep the winning score. At the very end of the meeting, the Portuguese Ricardo Alves sent a projectile along a beautiful trajectory into the corner of the goal of the home team.

Misfire CSKA and a beautiful goal of Fernandez

A day later, big football came to Moscow. Fighting for medals CSKA misfired in a home game against Ural. The home team had possession of the ball, but the opponent’s defensive order was difficult to overcome. Yes, and dangerous moments at the gates of Yaroslav Godzur rarely occurred. I recall only the blow of Alan Dzagoev to the post.

Moreover, 20 minutes before the end of the meeting, “Ural” stepped forward. Eric Bikfalvi, after a verified mounted transfer by Denis Kulakov, struck the near nine from the summer. Igor Akinfeev failed to save his team. Not only that, shortly before the final whistle, Andrei Yegorychev was close to doubling the lead, but instead of passing the ball to an empty goal, he decided to distinguish himself, but missed.

As a result, the army team in the compensated time saved Mario Fernandez. Having processed the transfer of Kristian Bistrovich with his chest, the defender delivered a beautiful strong blow precisely to the near nine, not allowing the ball to fall on the lawn.

Spartak victory in derby and goal of Zobnin to former team

And in another metropolitan stadium, the classic Dynamo Derby Spartak took place. Teams first played with each other at the updated VTB Arena. The hosts intended to interrupt a losing home streak in matches with red and white. The last time the blue and white defeated the principal opponent on April 13, 2008, at the old stadium in Petrovsky Park.

However, they failed to do this. The guests as a whole looked more convincing and deservedly scored three points. The main character in the team of Domenico Tedesco was Zelimkhan Bakaev, who opened the scoring in the middle of the first half, and after the break gave an elegant assist for Roman Zobnin. Marked by a productive pass and the Spartak rookie Alexander Sobolev.

But the debutant of Dynamo Nikolai Komlichenko missed two right chance to distinguish himself. Replacing in the second half, the striker first hit the post and then the crossbar.

Judicial scandal in St. Petersburg and the moment of Miranchuk

On the same day another important match took place. In St. Petersburg, Zenit took the Lokomotiv. However, the derby turned out to be emotional, but goalless and with a minimum of dangerous moments. One of them was a shot by Alexander Erokhin in the bar in the first half. At the same time, the railroad workers could snatch victory in the stoppage time, but Alexei Miranchuk, leaving alone with Andrei Lunev, did not manage to beat the goalkeeper of the blue-white-blue.

Judge Yevgeny Turbin came to the fore in this game, who made several controversial decisions and pissed off Lokomotiv head coach Yuri Semin. By the middle of the first half, the mentor consistently earned two yellow cards and was expelled from the bench. At the same time, the 72-year-old specialist after the match assured that on his part there were no insults to the referee.

Not too pleased with the work of the referee was Sergei Semak, who said that the meeting “had a lot of controversial decisions.”

11th goal of Shomurodov and canceled removal

In a parallel match, another contender for the Rostov medal met with Akhmat. Wards Valery Karpin managed to open an account in the very end of the first half. Eldor Shomurodov interrupted the goalless series, which lasted from the beginning of October, and scored his 11th goal in the current season of the RPL.

But immediately after the break, Grozny recruited. Odise Roshi earned a penalty and realized it himself. Although the goalkeeper of Rostovites Sergei Pesyakov was very close to repelling the blow. Also, VAR was involved in this meeting, thanks to which the judge canceled the red card to the defender of Grozny Maxim Nenakhov for a foul of last hope. After watching the replay, the referee saw that this moment was preceded by a foul on the part of the guests.

Musaev's successful substitution and Ari's broken penalty

On the first day of spring, Krasnodar played with Ufa, knowing the results of the games of its competitors, and simply had no right not to take advantage of their misfires. True, in order to print the gate of the guests, the wards of Murad Musaev had to suffer. In the first half, the hosts managed to inflict only one blow on the opponent’s goal, and that one is not dangerous.

In the second half, the southerners' coaching staff changed the lineup, releasing the powerful Marcus Berg on the field, and this move worked. At the 67th minute, the Swede competently played on finishing after the next save by Alexander Belenov.

This game was not without a controversial judicial decision. In the end, the referee, having watched the replay, pointed to the “point” in the penalty box of “Ufa”, believing that Boyan Jokic played with his hand. Belenov repelled Ari's first shot from the penalty spot, but the assistant referee asked him to try again, because the goalkeeper had left the goal line in advance. The second time the striker was accurate and removed all questions regarding the outcome of the meeting - Krasnodar won a major victory and even more detached from the pursuers.

Dupin’s rescue and unlucky driver

The match between Tambov and Rubin in Nizhny Novgorod ended in a goalless draw. Leonid Slutsky could not start his career in Kazan with a victory, rather his team could lose. Goalkeeper of Kazan Yuri Dupin, who fought off all the blows of opponents, can be called the hero of the meeting.

Rubin arrived at the stadium almost an hour late, as the bus driver took the team to the old city stadium, and not to the new Nizhny Novgorod arena. Recall that Tambov holds its home matches in Nizhny Novgorod due to the lack of certification at its own stadium. The nominal hosts of the meeting apologized for the misunderstanding.

Double Lutsenko and an incredible denouement

The first round ended in Sochi, where Alexander Kokorin, who had not played at the professional level for a year and a half, entered the Fisht Stadium field as part of a local team. The Forward did everything to ensure that his new team scored points in the match with the Tula Arsenal, distinguishing themselves after the break.

However, this goal made it possible to even the score, since already in the third minute Evgeni Lutsenko pushed the Tuleks forward with a header in the fall.

In general, the Sochi people were close to snatching victory, the same Kokorin missed a couple more points. The outcome came in the 95th minute of the match, when Soslan Dzhanaev and Nikita Kalugin did not figure out which one to pick up the ball, and Lutsenko, who burst into the box, intercepted the shot and sent it on target. Thus, Eugene helped Arsenal win the third victory in a row.